SOOEW Chapter 178- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XVIII

“It’s his advantage.” Wen Ying’s sight also focused on Ning Xiao. Ning Xiao, who played and flipped around in front of the lens since childhood, was more like the most familiar partner with the film and lens, and can easily grasp their characteristics. This was not an innate ability, but a tacit understanding that was cultivated day after day.

This drama’s theme was that of a child growing up to his youth, and Ning Xiao played a famous emperor in history. He could naturally brilliantly act as a youth, but both the production team and the director were skeptical at the beginning regarding whether he could properly play the young emperor or not.

It wasn’t until he finished reading the script all night, then discussed with her how to mark it, overturned the definition again and again, and gradually improved on it. On the audition day, his performance conquered all the judges.

Now looking at his leisurely interpretation, it seems that she saw a work polished by her own hands, which made her eyes become far-reaching and devoted herself longer to him.

Zhou Zhou almost immediately felt her look. His heart paused and he looked firmly forward, saying, “He is very strong, but……give me a little time, and I can do the same.”

Wen Ying’s success has aroused the two people’s struggle. Ning Xiao, because of Zhou Zhou, should start to be alert to the possibility of being overtaken without having Wen Ying to awaken him. He has spent more time on the interpretation of his characters.

As for Zhou Zhou……

Wen Ying threw Zhou Zhou’s training and weight loss plan form in front of him.

“You are far from getting into a drama. From today on, start to learn the foundation and exercise your body.” She took off the gold glasses she wore while working overtime and pointed it at the schedule. “If you don’t get my approval, I won’t accept any plays for you.”

“……burying an actor?”

The term made her nod with a smile. “That’s right, it’s better to hide you than to let you go out and smash my license.”

Zhou Zhou shuddered inexplicably with her smile, and after reading the plan book, he was completely silent.

If his previous weight plan that he created for himself was painful (he had definitely not persisted), then, his agent’s plan for him was a deep torture. But in any case, the desire to act overwhelmed everything, and he began to follow the plan and conduct hellish training.

The food was mainly vegetables and fruits, and whole wheat biscuits. Every morning he drank salt water to rinse his intestines. Exercise was essential. He got up at six everyday to run in the morning, then he rode a bicycle to the training area. During the weekends, he would climb the mountains, and play ball. However, the training course itself is a process that consumes brain and physical strength. He has not learned the knowledge of acting. Wen Ying has found him a special teaching teacher to form line skills. The training with double speed means that he has no spare time to rest and the food could not be completely satisfied, His fat gradually disappeared at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Wen Ying often acted as the supervisor, accompanying him to exercise, and she also found another feature of Zhou Zhou during the exercise——loves to eat, which according to the slang nowadays, is a foodie.

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He had a constitution that would easily turn fat, but also could not control his mouth. No wonder, he was repeatedly determined to lose weight, but he was not once successful. Even if Wen Ying had aroused the desire and yearning for acting in him, and the fat meat of the movie emperor was in front of him, he still could not resist his love for food.

Although he would not secretly eat food, he would stare at the delicious food cooked in the half open kitchen of Wen Wing, and even Wen Ying could not ignore it.

She simply pushed open the door, pulled him into the store, pointed to the price list of food on the wall and asked, “What do you want?”

Zhou Zhou’s head, which had always hung, suddenly rose, as if it was unbelievable, “……can, can I eat?” It was too long ago that he had a feast. He was so excited that he was shivering a little.

“Of course.”

After repeated confirmation, Zhou Zhou, although still suspicious, could not resist the aroma of food, and reported three kinds in a row, which had been the result of his very restraint. Wen Ying also had no objection.

After enjoying the meal happily, this day, Wen Ying accompanied him to run ten kilometers on the road. At the end of the day, he fell tired on the ground as soon as he opened the door, and then he climbed up and took a shower, came out with his wet hair, and whispered to the woman sitting on the sofa, drinking water and asked softly, “Are you angry?”

Ten kilometers of road was long, but he could keep running. But in the end, he still regretted it, and he thought it was a test from her, and he couldn’t resist the temptation.

She may not want him anymore……

Zhou Zhou suddenly felt confused. If he could go on without any hesitation before she confirmed him, now he could not imagine the result of her not wanting him.

Wen Ying placed down her cup of water and looked at him.

After such a long period of diet and exercise, the person in front of her has made great changes. He exposed his original elegant face, narrow eyebrows and eyes, which were as wide as the mountains and rivers. His lips were thin and light, and when he was nervous or meditating, he would bite it lightly like now. All of this, if placed on an obese person, no one will notice the details except fat, but it will be revealed naturally after the obesity is removed.

She said, “No, I’m not angry. People have desires, this is not a big deal. I just want to tell you that you have the ability to control your life and fulfill your desires with your own efforts. ” She saw him show a startled look, and did not say more, but stood up and stretched out in a lazy way, “Let me borrow your bathroom.”

After all, she had run ten kilometers, so she was tired.

Today, she wore sportswear because she was running, which was a sharp contrast to her usually cool dress. She stretched her lazy waist, and the sweatshirt lifted quietly up. A few strands of hair broke away from her curls, slightly curled around her neck, but exposing a different charming temptation.

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