WFILTU Chapter 231 – Bankruptcy V

“You chose Gu Shiyun. You are not the father of Jiao Jiao! Her father is Cheng Shuo! ” Li Sitong gnawed her teeth.

Gu Jingxu was stunned, and he looked at Xue Jiao subconsciously, only to meet a pair of indifferent eyes.

Sure enough……Jiao Jiao has lost her affection and closeness with him……

Gu Jingxu suddenly fell down, his shoulder fell slightly——


Jiao Jiao is already no longer affectionate with him. He could no longer give up on his only daughter! If there was a choice, he must make a good choice!

The case was settled like this. Gu Shiyun left very quickly, leaving the third day after their decision.

Not only was it the request of Cheng Shuo, but Gu Jingxu also felt ashamed. He dared not let Gu Shiyun stay in the country for a long time.

Gu Shiyun stood at the gate of the airport and looked back.

She had some doubts about the significance of the other party’s request. After this incident, she could not stay in her home country and could only go abroad.

The other party actually put forward the same plan as what they had arranged!

What is the purpose?

But soon, she slightly raised the corner of her mouth. Gu Xuejiao, you still cannot do anything to me.

Wait for me to go out for a few years, come back to take over the company, and sooner or later we’ll get revenge!

Gu Shiyun left with doubts and aspirations, but just after she went abroad, Cheng Shuo drove to Peng Cheng.

He called the Secretary and gave orders——

“Xiao Jun, from today on, use all costs to suppress Gu Jingxu’s company! Even if Peng Cheng’s loss is serious! You still have to suppress them! “

The secretary was obviously confused about the decision, but he confirmed it again and again and finally went out to inform.

At noon, the secretary came back in a hurry.

“President Cheng!”

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Shuo frowned.

“Someone has already started to move in on Gu Jingxu! It seems that he is shorting the other party’s stock. Gu Jingxu is busy now. He has been asking people everywhere what they are doing shorting in the stock market! ” The secretary was in a slight hurry.

Cheng Shuo was shocked and asked: “Who started it?”

The Secretary shook his head: “I can’t find out. On Gu Jingxu’s side, they are also looking for who started it.”

That was the most terrible part!

They actually couldn’t find out who did it!

Suddenly, Cheng Shuo thought of the person who gave the idea to Xue Jiao……

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Could it be that it was related to him?

Hence, he said Gu Jingxu’s company was almost bankrupt. Was it because he knew something? Or did he do something?

That person was not suggesting that he was doing something to Gu Jingxu’s company, but just to let Xue Jiao know that the person who solved it was himself? And not him?

Cheng Shuo was confused.

What kind of person did Jiao Jiao know?

What was his purpose?

At present, it seems that he was good to Xue Jiao, and was unwilling for Xue Jiao to know what he had done……

Cheng Shuo thought that he should be more concerned about Xue Jiao in the future!

That person doesn’t seem to have any purpose now, but who knows what they’ll do later?

He must never let the tragedy that affected Xue Jiao happen again!

The Secretary continued to ask, “President Cheng, then we……”

Cheng Shuo paused and waved: “Help that side of the force. Any chance that can suppress Gu Jingxu must not be let go of!”

He thought that he would fight Gu Jingxu to death using Peng Cheng. Now he found out——

He seemed to have lost nothing?

At this time, at Dafa Real Estate.

“President Yi, Gu Jingxu seemed to have offended someone, the stock collapsed and Peng Cheng had also tightly bit the other. Gu Jingxu……may not be far from bankruptcy……”

Yi Dafa was dazed, then seemed to have thought of something.

“Gu Jingxu? Is it the birth father of Xue Jiao who seems like a stepdad? His daughter and the Xiao San seemed to be still hurting classmate Xue Jiao. I saw my son become very anxious before.”

The Secretary smiled, embarrassed and dared not answer the words.

Yi Dafa used his hand to slap the table, “Based on the fact that my son and Xue Jiao are classmates, we will also lend a helping hand!”

“What?” The secretary was in a daze.

“Crush Gu Jingxu to death!”


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