WFILTU Chapter 230 – Bankruptcy IV

The next morning.

Xue Jiao reported what Lin Zhihua said, but she did not mention Lin Zhihua.

Sure enough, Cheng Shuo immediately agreed.

“This method of Jiaojiao’s is a good one. As long as Gu Shiyun can get the punishment she deserves, it does not have to be through prison.”

Xue Jiao hesitated for a moment: “Dad……do you really have a way?”

Cheng Shuo nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, I have a method. Gu Jingxu’s company has only one empty shelf left. As long as Dad announces the things Gu Shiyun has done, the other partners will not be willing to work with Gu Jingxu. Soon, the only empty shelf left in his company will also be gone! “

“Will it have an impact on Pengcheng?” Xue Jiao frowns, if it will have influence on her own stepfather, then……

Cheng Shuo shook his head firmly: “No, you can rest assured, dad does not play the account of uncertainty.”

Xue Jiao let out a sigh of relief and showed a smile.

Gu Xuejiao, the father who loves you dearly, is seeking revenge for you.

But she did not know, after she went upstairs, Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze had a completely different dialogue.


“Mingze, Dad is going to use Pengcheng to seek revenge on Gu Jingxu, would you hate me?”

Cheng Mingze shook his head, “No.”

Cheng Shuo showed a happy smile: “Pengcheng is also not a big company, even if it is stronger than Gu Jingxu, but after destroying Gu Jingxu, Pengcheng will be much worse than before, you really don’t blame me?”

Cheng Mingze laughed: “I was prepared to take my own computer programming road, as long as Pengcheng is still there, not as good as before is just not as good as before”

He does not need Pengcheng, Xue Jiao also does not want, Cheng Shuo using it to release anger also does not matter.

Besides, it is not as Pengcheng will also go bankrupt when Gu Jingxu goes bankrupt, it is that it will not be as good as before.

Xue Jiao is a person from their Cheng family. No one who has hurt their family can retreat completely!

Even if it is to forsake everything, they still want the other party to get the punishment!


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Cheng Shuo wondered: “How do I feel this idea is not thought of by Xue Jiao? And she seems to think Gu Jingxu is almost dying? Who told her? “

Cheng Mingze frowned and thought of something after a while.

“She has a secret friend, and I think it’s the one who corrected her name this time, but I can’t find out who it is.”

Cheng Shuo frowned and wondered more: “Then that is the person who is looking out for Xue Jiao. Since it is for the good of Xue Jiao, how can lie to her that Gu Jingxu’s company is almost dying? How can he be certain I will fight Gu Jingxu with everything I can? Certain that I will lie to Xue Jiao?”

Cheng Mingze shook his head, and he was also puzzled.


“What?! You really want to let go of Gu Shiyun?” Wu Wanjun was shocked, and she sat on one side with Gu Jingxu and Gu Shiyun, while the Cheng family sat on the other side.

They can actually get rid of the crime, but it is also very troublesome. The final result is no more than a standstill. The other party is willing to give up the investigation, which is the fastest and best solution.

After all, this kind of thing, long-term influence on Gu Shiyun’s reputation is very bad, even if she can go out to avoid it, she’ll still be back sooner or later.

Cheng Shuo looked cold, and looked at them while opening his mouth coldly: “but please remember that Gu Shiyun must be recorded in the files, and then go abroad, and will not appear in front of the Xue Jiao!”

“For what reason does my daughter have to go abroad?” Wu Wanjun stared.

They didn’t wait for Cheng Shuo to talk, Gu Jingxu had already glared over: “You shut up for me!”

Through this matter, he disliked Wu Wanjun to the extreme.

“Shiyun, you say,” Gu Jingxu only asked Gu Shiyun, his daughter, the mind is right.

Gu Shiyun thought about it and nodded, “No problem.”

She and Gu Jingxu shared a look, all understanding each other’s meaning.

If you continue to be in a stalemate with the other side, more and more people know what she has done, and it will only be worse for her reputation.

And even if you win, you will probably still be recorded in the file. Recording it early or later is all the same.

Anyway, going abroad has also been planned earlier, Gu Jingxu has said that she will be like Boss Lin, after going out to study, come back to help manage the company.

If Gu Jingxu had some worries about Gu Shiyun, a little girl managing the company before, he no longer worries about her taking over the company since seeing her schemes this time.

Whether to study in university within the country is not important. Anyway, it can be gilded abroad.

“I have another request!” Li Sitong suddenly bit her teeth and made a sound.

Cheng Shuo and the others also looked over in surprise, they do not know what kind of requirement Li Sitong will have.


“You must, cut off, with Xue Jiao, the father-daughter relationship!” Li Sitong said word by word.

“Impossible!” Gu Jingxu stared at her and immediately opposed.

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  1. Wait. Did the dad just think that she can run the company well because of her schemes? Oh my god, he is one messed up individual.

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