SOOEW Chapter 177- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XVII

Wen Ying also felt moved slightly after she had finished watching Zhou Zhou’s performance. Of course, in her opinion, Zhou Zhou’s performance still has many places to polish, but he still has to be admired when connected with his experience. All along his path, he had only attended the most common colleges. Although his work was in the entertainment circle, there was a great gap between variety stars and actors. Their performances may be very good, but the variety stage pays attention to an exaggerated effect, which is not suitable for the lens.

But Zhou Zhou’s performance proved that he was different. He magnified the performance as much as possible on the variety stage, which made people feel funny. During the acting mode, his body and expression were all astringent. It is very difficult because there was also an inertia in the performance. He was used to magnifying himself and shrinking it would take time to adapt. But it was only just a few days after that she negotiated a contract with him, and he could do this already which made her quite satisfied.

“Not bad.” She dropped her assessment, “Have you practiced at home? Very hardworking. “

Zhou Zhou was stunned, holding his lips, while answering “En”. Then, he lowered his head.

Only the flashing phone screen shows his somewhat dazzled face.

He thought that no one would know the adjustment he made in private. As always, no matter how much effort he paid from behind, no one would pay attention to it. He was used to this neglect, but he didn’t expect her to see it at a glance.

Besides, the person standing beside her was Ning Xiao——he knew Ning Xiao from very early and he was always paying attention to him. He didn’t understand why the gap between people was so big. They were the same age, but Ning Xiao has reached the height he wanted. He envied that the other could act since childhood, envied him can be recognized by all people, and envied him even if he was bad tempered, There will be so many people who will tolerate him and guide him patiently, just because his face was beautiful enough.

And now……

He saw the agent standing in front of him, looking at himself with appreciation, and suddenly he had an unprecedented sense of pleasure.

Ning Xiao’s film had begun. Wen Ying pulled up Zhou Zhou to watch the film.

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“You are very smart in acting, and you have a set of ideas for understanding characters and characters. You have a good understanding.” She said to him as she walked, “but filming is not exactly the same as the simple performance, the camera will not shoot your face all the time, they will move and change. Maybe the content you want to create is not the same as the final one. You have to remember that directors are the people who control the whole scene. You are not the center, or even the main role. The play is very important. The rest, photographers, setting, stylists, field records, clips, are all indispensable parts. As an actor, you, although everyone including the lens are around you, you should understand that you are just one of the gears. “

When Wen Ying was speaking, she did not forget to observe his look. Zhou Zhou had an inferior ego and was a person of low self-esteem.

Talented people always get the ability that others pursue in their lives too easily. He was only limited by his shape, but sooner or later, there will be a day where he flies. She must bring a fighting spirit to the falcon, which has not yet spread its wings, so that he can fly higher and farther later.

“Of course, you have your own ideas to communicate with the director, but in fact——communication doesn’t necessarily lead to a good result, and at this time, all you have to do is adjust your performance. A good actor knows how to eat through the rules in countless NG, not repeating the best picture he thinks has been achieved. “

Her words made Zhou Zhou look thoughtful. Her understanding of the actor made him open-minded. Her meticulous guidance, her skill of communicating her own experience in a full range of ways, made his heart full of emotions.

This emotion seemed to give birth to a motivational force, which made him eager to act.

Just as the voice of the woman fell, he saw Ning Xiao. Ning Xiao in front of the camera was in a different state from that of his in the changing room. He changed his self-centered temper, listened carefully to the director’s needs for the lens, and asked his own questions from time to time and remembered it in his heart. After shooting, the clapperboard hit, and he walked between the lenses, knowing every position in his heart. The director in front of the monitor nodded frequently, but he still called out an UT, and then asked someone to adjust the back of Ning Xiao’s robe. The wind that blew into the lens was not beautiful enough.

Ning Xiao’s mood was interrupted.

Zhou Zhou, who was unconsciously involved in the play, also paused along. His inspiration in his mind has become blank immediately with this break. However, soon, he heard the crisp sound of the clapperboard again. He has not been able to adjust his state and return to his spirits in time.

But he saw that Ning Xiao had entered the state again, and acted liked the first time, seemingly as if he had never been blocked.

“How’s it going?”

He heard Wen Ying ask.

He stared at the person in front of him, and after a few seconds of silence, he nodded, “Very strong.”

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