SOOEW Chapter 176- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XVI

Today, he was reminded by Wen Ying, so he didn’t wear his headphones, but he wore a hoodie with a hat over his head to isolate himself from others. When he first came in, the crew mistakenly thought that he was a big name that was avoiding paparazzis.

Ning Xiao stared at this “autistic” person suspiciously. “……and then what? “

Was he too sensitive? Why does he always feel that the other side had something to add.

“And then?” He thought seriously for a moment, then said, “Only looks pretty good.”


Ning Xiao flew into a rage and nearly injured others. He was stopped by Wen Ying.

If she didn’t stop him, it would still be alright as he was just acting. But she has stopped him, which really made him angry. Ning Xiao was so angry that he laughed back. He tilted his lips and said in a bad voice, “Yes, compared with some fatty, at least I look pretty good.”

“Xiao Xiao!”

Wen Ying lowly shouted like a reprimand, that immediately let him lose his temper. He kicked over the folding chair by his foot.

“Are you going to help him?”

“I’m not helping him. Don’t lose your temper. Remember what I said to you? Be restrained. ” She stood in front of him just now because she blocked him. Now she finished speaking, she turned to face Zhou Zhou. It was just a change of position, which made him feel as if she was defending himself. His mood became a little more relaxed, but he still felt a little irritable.

“And you too. No matter what, Ning Xiao is your predecessor. The most basic politeness is still needed. I think you should have learned that when you go to school, and do not need me to repeat myself.”

Wen Ying gave each fifty boards. Seeing that Zhou Zhou had gently nodded his head, she glanced at Ning Xiao, who was suppressing his emotions. She asked Zhou Zhou straightforwardly, “Do you think he is not good at acting?”

Zhou Zhou thought about it and said, “It’s alright.” Without waiting for others to speak, he continued, “but there are a few scenes that were not very good.”


“The character he plays is a pure and childish person, who is the most uncompetitive among all the princes. But everyone is afraid of him because he is raised in front of the queen. When he found out that the woman who made him fall in love was just a chess piece in his elder brother’s hand, and everything was just a trick that dragged him into the abyss. His initial transformation was good, but in the last scene, he acted wrongly. “

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Wen Ying grabbed Ning Xiao’s hand and signaled towards him to look at Zhou Zhou.

The man who had been hiding in the shadow suddenly took off his hood.

Before that, his eyes were still full of meditation. When he was exposed to the public, his whole aura had changed.

The young and high spirited ninth prince, who was easy to laugh and scold, had a strong personality and a bright smile. This was a very suitable role for Ning Xiao. All his characteristics

will be fully reflected in this role.

However, at this moment of Zhou Zhou’s performance, his chin was lifted slightly, his eyes are bent, his lips and teeth are bright——

Ning Xiao’s assistant opened his mouth slightly. Before, for a moment, he seemed to see another Ning Xiao……

But Zhou Zhou’s ninth prince was different.

Ning Xiao was pure and innocent. His ninth Prince was like a piece of white paper. He was innocent and kind-hearted. He forgave the situation laid by his elder brother and finally said to him, “I’ll give her back to you.” It expressed goodwill, completion and even more, it expressed relief.

The ninth Prince of Zhou Zhou’s had said the same thing, but after this, he had more understanding than before.

“I’ll return her back to you.”

He said this with a clear look in his eyes.

After their tusks were exposed, he knew everything, as if he saw the future of human purgatory.

In the play, the elder brother was shocked by his words. Under Zhou Zhou’s interpretation, this kind of shock makes people understand the reason in an instant. He was not shocked because his younger brother gave up on a woman. What he was moved by was that what the ninth prince gave up was not just one woman.

Later, the ninth Prince withdrew from the power struggle, but it was also not the despair after suffering from the trauma of love.

“The ninth Prince is truly really simple, but he is not a man out of this world. He lives in the palace, where the most information about conspiracy and struggle is gathered, coming in and out of his ears every day and night. He’s not forgiving because he is a good man, instead, he fully understands his own situation and makes judgments for the future. This is not a moral model textbook for the audience, but the growth of the characters. “

The atmosphere in the dressing room was quiet, and Zhou Zhou’s words transferred to everyone’s ears.

The play had ended. He placed his hood back on once again.

In the blink of an eye, he had reverted back to the fatty, but Ning Xiao’s heart suddenly had an extremely strong sense of crisis.

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