WFILTU Chapter 228 – Bankruptcy II

It was still Uncle Xing who drove. Cheng Mingze was in the passenger seat. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were sitting on both sides of Jiao Jiao.

“Lao Cheng, what kind of punishment will Gu Shiyun suffer from?” Li Sitong held the unnatural Xue Jiao, and asked Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo didn’t speak.

“En?” Li Sitong was confused.

In front of them, Cheng Mingze suddenly said, “Gu Shiyun will not be punished criminally, but will only be criticized, fined, and at most, recorded in the files.”

“Why?” Li Sitong could not believe it, her pair of eyes stared widely.

Cheng Shuo nodded helplessly and frowned: “Her behavior with Li Wei before, easing Gu Xuejiao for the worst, is not defined in the legal aspect. The only fear is the seduction incident, but the other party did not say any two words from the beginning to the end. When defending, they can say that Gu Shiyun was young and did not understand those. She only wanted to stop Xue Jiao from returning at night and get into trouble. It was all Li Wei who made her own choices. “

“Based on what? ! Why? !” Li Sitong was shaking with anger.

How can someone be so without face? !

Jiao Jiao reached out and patted her gently.

“She was really young, even if she was so vicious at her young age, the law would only consider whether she was immature or underage. We can keep looking for evidence, at most we can struggle, but it’s hard to get her to jail. ” Cheng Shuo was also very helpless. The things that Gu Shiyun had done, Cheng Shuo hated that he could not directly lock her in, but the reality is this.

Cheng Mingze turned his head: “Gu Shiyun is far more terrible than imagined. At the beginning, she already knew not to mention those two words. This time, even if we could not shut her in, we must let her leave far away from Xue Jiao’s life.

If such a snake doesn’t have its teeth pulled out or chased far away, who knows what she will do?

Cheng Shuo nodded.

Li Sitong was still angered till nauseousness, how can they so easily let her go?!

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Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong appeased Xue Jiao, and then went back to their room to discuss the follow-up.

Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao went upstairs. He whispered at the door behind her: “Jiao Jiao, Gu Shiyun will surely be punished. The past is the past. Don’t let the shadow stay in your life. No matter when, you should have sunshine in your heart.”

Xue Jiao turned back, espousing a smile, her eyebrows curving.

“I will, I’ll be fine and better than her. This is the punishment for her.”

As long as she is well, Gu Shiyun will always live in anger, unwillingness and pain.

Moreover, Gu Shiyun has lost the chance of having such a good Cheng Mingze forever, which is also a punishment.

Cheng Mingze also started to smile, assured to return to his room.

When she closed the door, Lin Zhihua’s message came——

【Can I call you now?】

Xue Jiao’s mouth started to rise, and she dialed over.

She had not even realized herself, Lin Zhihua has changed from messaging her daily into daily calls.

The subtle changes have gradually become a habit.

“Hello…… “

The person at the other end of the phone smiled: ” Did you just return from the police station? “

Jiao Jiao shook her head with a smile, opened the speaker, and cleaned up the things while she spoke.

“Are you Zhu Ge Liang? What else don’t you know? “

“En…… Let me think…… ” Lin Zhihua, who was on the other side of the phone, thought carefully and said, “As long as I want to know, I can probably know about it. There is only one thing that can’t be done.”

Xue Jiao was stunned, then subconsciously asked, “What thing?”

Lin Zhihua raised his brows and his heart said——I don’t know your heart.

Lin Zhihua can speculate and think rationally about others’ hearts, but anything about Jiao Jiao involves his heart. He will think more and be more confused.

He didn’t know the truth until he was here in the mountains.

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