SOOEW Chapter 175- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XV

She lightly patted his hand that clutched her clothes and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t have a clause to sleep together in our brokerage contract.”

He “Shia” and took back his hand, his face turning red with anger.

He hadn’t even thought in this direction. When she mentioned it, he suddenly thought of her reputation in the industry. Her most brilliant achievement was Yang Sen. Many people said that she had an affair with Yang Sen in private. After the news that she mixed up with a small fresh meat in the hotel, news about her unspoken rules came out one after another.

In the past, he also sneered. What can be the development of people who rely on the hidden rules? So much so that he was a little more skeptical of Yang Sen. Yet she actually had the title of a golden broker.

But when she actually came to him, it was hard for him to connect her with those rumors again, even though there are many intimate photos of her and different male stars on the Internet, all of which were real stone hammers.

Now that he thought of it again, he felt uncomfortable for no reason.

“I’m not one of those men begging you to play by the hidden rules!” He said to her suddenly.

However, as soon as those words came out, he regretted it. No matter who it was, he shouldn’t blame her for her private life……what qualifications does he have?

The atmosphere in the room condensed. Wen Ying looked at him for a moment and suddenly rubbed his head with a smile. “Of course, you are a man who wins applause based on your own ability.”

He was stunned, and suddenly his ears were burning.

When she was facing him, the most common expression was business-like. There were very few of these types of smiles. Coupled with a little pride in him, his hair suddenly fell down and was completely soothed in her gentle rubbing.

“No cr*p.”

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For her praise, he judged in such a way.

Because his fur was coaxed into smoothing, Wen Ying brought up asking to bring Zhou Zhou to the crew for a look after a day. He agreed without even thinking about it. What a joke, it’s impossible for a person to emerge from anywhere and he has to worry that his identity as a core artist will be taken away. How can he be such a person who worries about gains and losses?

He thought, just take the opportunity to see what kind of person the other side is, knowing yourself and knowing the other side, will make clear the combat effectiveness.

Wen Ying brought Zhou Zhou to visit the cast for two reasons. One is that he used to act in the line of comedians and participated in the variety shows with low popularity. There is nothing more useful for non professional people than the on-site experience. The other is that she just wanted to let her two trumps know each other and give their greetings. What they do in the industry is networking. If Ning Xiao doesn’t have a bad temper, he’s not good at communication. No matter whether he has her as an agent or not, he can use his face to brush good resources. Even if he has a bad temper and has been in this business since he was a child, the intangible wealth he has is unimaginable. What he has is what Zhou Zhou lacks, and they can complement each other.

But to her surprise, as soon as they met, it seemed that they were particularly wrong.

Forget about Zhou Zhou. He has always been a self-caring type. According to reason, Ning Xiao’s attitude towards strangers is always more polite than that of acquaintances. This time, however, as soon as he met him, he got angry: “How can you act when you are so fat?” He was as surprised as if his chin were falling off.

Ning Xiao grew up beautiful. He didn’t know what the concept of ugliness was! Fat? Fat is even more terrible. He always attached great importance to the control of weight. Fat is a very incredible state for him. Except for a person who doesn’t take other routes, how can an actor be fastened to this step? !

Zhou Zhou was not moved by his voice which almost exploded in his ears. He complacently lifted his head to look up at him, thought for a moment, and then said, “Are you Ning Xiao who played the role of the ninth prince in 《Jiang Shan Mou》?”

Ning Xiao lifted his chin, “It’s me.”

His prideful appearance is like saying to others: You see, how can there be people in this world who don’t know me?

“En, looks pretty good.” Zhou Zhou threw out this sentence and lowered his head to brush his phone.

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