WFILTU Chapter 229 – Bankruptcy III

He thought like this, but only lightly smiled: “This is something that I can’t tell you.”

Xue Jiao also laughed, but did not continue to ask.

Lin Zhihua continued to speak: “Gu Shiyun would not accept the punishment, are you angry?”

Facing both Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong, she didn’t speak the truth, but to Lin Zhihua, she could actually tell the truth……

“To be honest, a little bit.”

“A little?”

“Alright, very angry……”

The girl who was already not here, would not want to see the person who harmed her in peace.

There was a deep laugh coming from the other end of the phone, and it kept going on.

Xue Jiao was helpless: “Do not laugh anymore!”

Lin Zhihua received the sound, but his voice was still very light, with ease: “OK, I won’t laugh anymore.”

He paused and continued, “In fact, if it was me, I would not have forced her to be locked in.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was dazed.

“It’s too much trouble.” Lin Zhihua whispered, “She already has no fear, and indeed, her young age is her umbrella. In addition, she has always kept a hand, so they can not lock her in without saying the purpose directly.”

The eyebrows of Xue Jiao were drooping slightly. She knew long ago that there would be many helpless things in the world, and there would be a lot of “unfair” and “incorrect”, but what could she do?

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She shrugged: “It’s fine if she can’t be locked in, as long as I’m well, she would not be happy.”

Lin Zhihua smiled: “That’s right, as long as you are well, she would not be happy.”

He paused, and continued: “Although we cannot shut her in, it’s not like we cannot try a different angle. As long as the result is good, the way does not matter.”

“What?” Xue Jiao paused, can there be other ways to let her be punished?

Lin Zhihua’s voice was light, and softly said: “You cannot lock her in, but you can negotiate the conditions. Let her create a record, and go abroad.”

“Go abroad?” Xue Jiao continued to be confused. Her two life experiences were very limited, and really did not understand what good it was to let Gu Shiyun go abroad.

Was it so that she won’t cause her eye pain as she won’t be around?

“Yes, as long as this situation enters the recordss, she won’t be able to take the college entrance examination. You may have been able to adapt her own idea to ask her to go abroad. However, returning is another situation. With no money, and no authorized strength, in Gu Shiyun’s future life, she would only be able to walk into the life she had originally hoped Gu Xuejiao would walk. “

Lin Zhihua drummed the table with his fingers. His expression was indifferent, and he had no sympathies for Gu Shiyun.

Xue Jiao was young and does not know how much harm this would do to a person. Gu Shiyun would create a record in the archives, which would make it difficult for her to study in the country in the future, but it doesn’t matter. She would feel that she doesn’t need these diplomas, so she is very comfortable going abroad to gilt.

But what if it wasn’t gold plated to go abroad? She could only slip back. By then, she would have nothing but a lifetime of poverty. She would only be able to live a hard life that she couldn’t think of.

Gu Shiyun has a deep mind, but when she is planning for survival, she has entered another situation, a situation she does not like to accept, and a……situation that they can control.

By then, even thinking about it would be the pain of drilling into the heart.

That’s the real revenge.

Indeed, Xue Jiao asked at a loss: “How would it be another situation when she comes back? Gu……Gu Jingxu still has a company left for her……”

Her days would never be bad.

“This will be solved by your stepfather. You don’t need to care about it. You just need to tell your stepfather what I said. Gu Jingxu’s company is not a company that can last for a long time. Now it is the big building that will be in decline. Would you care if he went bankrupt? “

Xue Jiao shook her head: “I would not. He and I originally had no feelings. Now……there’s even less of a chance.”

Especially after she was in such a situation, he actually said that Gu Shiyun was still very young in such a grand manner……

But she still had some doubts: “Gu Jingxu’s company was about to go bankrupt? Why didn’t he speak of it? “

Lin Zhihua was very calm, “He may think there is still a chance for a rescue, so he did not say it.”

Xue Jiao immediately believed it. Lin Zhihua was the big boss that everybody highly praised, his view on business must be right!

The voice on the other end continued: “For some  people, there’s no need to have feelings. He chose Gu Shiyun, so he should be ready to lose you. You should not have any psychological burden.”


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  1. I simply love the way he helped her and explained the world to her

  2. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain male lead will make sure his “prediction” comes true? I mean, can you even call it that? It’s like saying “I predict that you get wet”, right before turning the hose on you

    • Well, Xue Jiao already know Gu Jingxu’s company will be in the brink of bankruptcy. It was just that Xue Jiao despite real age of 18, never know the world of “heir/heiress” much more about the impact of law since she is a law abidding orphan last life. She didn’t comprehend the severity of it. I liked Zhihua presence that taught her about this side of the world.

    • Regardless of how immoral GSY was, it’s still a fact that she has some real academic skill. If she can endure a common people’s lifestyle, she can apply to change her citizenship/nationality, apply for student loan or scholarship, and build her career aboard. Unless she makes trouble which get her deported and/or jailed aboard or LZH or CS asked someone in that country to fucked up her life, she still has a good chance to have a glorious return to China.
      So, I’m a bit confused about how LZH was soo sure that sending her aboard would ruin her. 😶

  3. I get the feeling that once Gu Shiyun go abroad our wonderful male lead would do something to make her life a living hell. And maybe our male lead also have a hand in on as to why Gu Xue Jiao “father” company is failing 🤔🤔

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  5. Careful kids, you don’t want to be “sent” nor “encouraged” abroad, specially by the ones you love; you want to be “admitted” or “allowed” abroad. At least the latter could mean something good.

  6. Has to be the first CEO ML who is this candid about the means he uses on others to the FL. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t realize now but she will later eventually. He’s unafraid of showing her his unrelenting side.
    This is a good thing, she can judge for herself later in life what she thinks of him, there’s no deception a false imagery.

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