WFILTU Chapter 281 – First Mock Exam II

After Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong left, Xue Jiao walked slowly to the classroom, and casually studied the class texts on the way.

In fact, she could write all the Chinese texts to be tested in the college entrance examination, but there was still a year from the college entrance examination. Memory was a very strange thing. If she did not study often, she would always forget.

Just right, the time on the road was not suitable for reading, but if she were to do nothing, it felt like a waste.

Hence, Xue Jiao used it to recite the class text.

As she was walking and walking, suddenly a hand hit her on the shoulder “Nerd!”

Xue Jiao was shocked, then inhaled deeply——


“What are you calling brother for?” Yi Tianyu had a very happy smile.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes, ignored him, and continued forward.

“Weiweiwei, nerd, what are you doing walking so fast!”

“Nerd, wait for me!”


After all, Xue Jiao’s legs were not as long as Yi Tianyu. Even if she tried harder, she couldn’t shake him off.

The two almost entered the classroom side by side, and only a few people were scattered in the classroom at this time. Others were still obviously still at the playground, and the teachers were also in the playground.

Liu Jiaxue, the tablemate of Jiao Jiao, was lying on the table.

“Jiaxue, you are here too?” Xue Jiao was approaching.

Liu Jiaxue quickly stood up to give up the position. Her eyes reddened as she used effort to restrain her tears, then said “You guys are back.”

Xue Jiao went in and sat down.

Then she turned her head, looked at Liu Jiaxue and asked “What’s……wrong with you?”

Liu Jiaxue doesn’t speak.

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“Are you sick?” Xue Jiao had a face full of anxiety.

Liu Jiaxue bit her lower lip and shook her head. Her eyes were red, and she dared not bow her head. She was afraid that her tears would fall.

“Jiaxue?” As soon as Xue Jiao’s two words landed, Liu Jiaxue immediately hugged her.

“Wuwu——” She wailed.

Xue Jiao was stunned. Her eyes widened as she felt the warm tears falling on her shoulder.

Yi Tianyu was also shocked, looking at Liu Jiaxue holding onto Xue Jiao, who placed her head on the shoulder of Xue Jiao, and hugged her with a deathly grip.

Holy s***! It could still be done like this!

You can hug Xue Jiao just like this?!

Yi Tianyu seemed to have opened the door to a new world.

Xue Jiao was obviously not scared lightly. She was busy working and studying in her last life, and she didn’t have much time to make friends.

She had no friends because of the influence of Gu Xuejiao in this life.

This girl student who was holding her while crying……

Xue Jiao was really a big girl on the sedan, her first time.

After a long time, she held out her hand stiffly, patted Liu Jiaxue on her back, and her voice was soft and soft——

“What’s wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable? Or did someone bully you?”

Liu Jiaxue said nothing, and only cried desperately while holding Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao saw her appear like this, thought she must have suffered a grievance, and was unable to speak.

She was relieved a little, it was good that it was not a physical problem.

Liu Jiaxue cried for a while before releasing Xue Jiao, then looking at her shoulder, she choked with embarrassment.


Xue Jiao smiled gently, “It’s nothing.”

Liu Jiaxue looked at her clean and beautiful face, and the other was exposing a light and warm smile……

Suddenly, her heart was warmed.

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  3. Man she is such a studyholic. She even think just walking a waste of time. She had to study at all time she awakes

  4. Lol Yi Tianyu, what.. even if that opened a new door to you. Can you… even use that door? Weeping tragically on a crush’s shoulder? Do you still has image to fake it? XDD

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