WFILTU Chapter 282 – First Mock Exam III

Before she was at the same table as Xue Jiao, she listened to her old legend like all the girls in her class, and looked at her study without lifting her head every day.

She just felt cold and unapproachable, so she didn’t dare to speak to her.

Good looking will make people more likely to have a good feeling, but if they look too good, they will have a sense of distance.

Adding on with the fact that Xue Jiao does not live in school, so she only came in the morning and left at night.

So even after being in the same class for a year, Liu Jiaxue didn’t talk to Xue Jiao.

When she was arranged to be at the same table with Xue Jiao, Liu Jiaxue was depressed.

She was afraid she could not get along with her, or that she wouldn’t even like herself.

But after sitting together, she gradually felt that the character of Xue Jiao was not so cold and lonely.

They would say two sentences occasionally. She would use her spare light to see her study seriously and her good-looking face.

She would envy the other boys and the teacher’s love for her. When she sends and receives homework, the class representative will be gentle to her. When she goes to refill at the water fountain, the classmates would subconsciously let her through first.

She was envious seeing Yi Tianyu trying to coax her to be happy all day.

The person was so excellent that even if they were tablemates for a while, they still have a sense of distance.

But at this moment, Liu Jiaxue suddenly felt that the distance between them was not so far away.

Xue Jiao was better than she thought.

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Liu Jiaxue hurriedly took out the paper towel and handed it to Xue Jiao.


Xue Jiao pulled two out, but handed her one.

“You wipe your tears first, and you can tell me about your grievances, I won’t tell others.”

Her eyes were serious and concerned.

Liu Jiaxue held the paper towel, but still could not say it.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it, but if you’re bullied or uncomfortable, make sure you voice it.” Xue Jiao still had some worries. She was a little older than she was in her last life. She was afraid of the girls at this age, who were aggrieved and dared not voice it.

“En……” Liu Jiaxue nodded and bit her lower lip.

Xue Jiao also did not speak any more.

Yi Tianyu patted her shoulder. Xue Jiao turned around.

She met a pair of reddened eyes, with tears in it, and a painful expression.

Xue Jiao: “……”

Yi Tianyu reached out with his hand and his voice was hoarse. “Nerd…… I feel terrible……I can’t control my tears……”

Xue Jiao looked at him, her face expressionless.

Yi Tianyu then leaned forward, trying to hug her, placing his head on her shoulder.

“I’m so sad, but man can’t play with tears, I……”

Xue Jiao reached out and paused on his forehead to stop his movements.

Yi Tianyu was stunned.

Xue Jiao looked at him and said without expression——

“Yiyu, you smell like you rubbed too much Feng You Jin.”

Yi Tianyu”…………”


After the oath ceremony, it was also equivalent to the first month of the third year of senior high school.

The first mock test was coming, and with the influence of the oath ceremony, students in this period were full of determination to strive hard.

Although it was not known how long it would last, it was true that at the current stage, the competition is intense.

Teachers of all disciplines began to sort out the knowledge with the students. From the beginning of high school, they have listened very seriously.

Xue Jiao has already begun the third round of her detailed review. The first round was her own review, and the second round was her summer vacation review with Teacher Zheng.

Now it’s currently the third round. They have to chew all the knowledge points, and chew them up hard.

Therefore, when the teacher reviews each class, all the students hold their heads up high. Only Xue Jiao had her head lowered.

The teachers also didn’t say anything. As early as the beginning of school, Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng went to say their greetings.

Class was over.

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