WFILTU Chapter 291 – Homework VI

Lin Zhihua raised his brows and looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

Xue Jiao looked away embarrassed, then blinked and said——

“You said everything else you’ll write……”

Her tone was fierce and yet, seemed weak.

Lin Zhihua couldn’t help it and rubbed her head with a smile.

This time his strength was a little bigger than before, and her hair became a little messy.

What to do? He really wanted to rub her into his heart!

“Do homework, do homework!” Xue Jiao reached out and covered his black eyes.

“Alright.” Lin Zhihua smiled and raised his mouth.

Xue Jiao took back her hand, and Lin Zhihua picked up his pen.

“Wait, our handwriting……”

Lin Zhihua turned his head and gently touched her nose with the cover of the pen——

“Don’t worry about this. Don’t worry.”

She touched her nose, a little embarrassed.

Immediately, Xue Jiao began to write the delineated questions, and Lin Zhihua wrote the questions that had not been sketched. In an instant, there was only the sound of “shua shua shua” on the table.

Another part of the city.

“Secretary Chen, where has the boss gone and why is he taking two days off?” Tan Qi complained while processing the documents.

What the boss could do in an hour, if it was placed in Chen Yan’s hand, it would require at least three hours and if placed in his hand, it would take at least……half a day?

“Private affairs.” Chen Yan’s voice was still as cold as ice.

Tan Qi was surprised “going on a date again?”

“Shua——” Chen Yan looked up at him.

That look was very strange, as if to say——

You, you know too much.

Tan Qi: “……” so afraid of being silenced……

It wasn’t until 12:30, when Lin Zhihua took back his pen.

“Alright, let’s go to dinner first.”

Xue Jiao rubbed her stiff neck, looked up and was stunned.

She took all the papers over in shock, her eyes widened and her face was unbelievable.

“You’ve finished everything I’ve written? ! You’ve finished all the math homework? !”

Lin Zhihua nodded.

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Xue Jiao’s eyes widened.

For her math paper, she only completed a few complex problems, and for the rest, Lin Zhihua finished it all at the same time as her!


“You…you……” Do you have an answer key?

Then, when she saw the handwriting that was almost identical to her own, her voice was almost hoarse——

“Are……are you immortal?”

“I’m a snail.” Lin Zhihua stood up and whispered while packing up.

Xue Jiao was shocked and didn’t know what to say.

After Lin Zhihua packed up, he took her schoolbag in one hand and her wrist in the other. Like a father holding his beloved daughter, he led the dull Xue Jiao out of the library.

Walking in the noisy street, Xue Jiao swallowed her saliva and asked, “Lin Zhihua, how many points do you get on the college entrance examination?”


“En? !”

Impossible? !

Lin Zhihua was much stronger than her!

“The topic of Chinese composition was so annoying that I didn’t write it.” Lin Zhihua added, and then walked forward with his feet.

Xue Jiao stood in place and thought about the score of the Chinese composition……

Holy crap!

Shit, shit! !

The man in front turned back and waved——

“Jiao Jiao, hurry up.”

He stood in the noisy street, dressed casually, with long straight legs and a handsome and bright face.

But in his eyes, there was only a silly girl who was still standing in place, with a smile hanging on her mouth.

It was like his world, only had this girl in his eyes.

“Coming, coming!” Xue Jiao caught up.

Then she chased up and asked——

“Lin Zhihua, where did you go to school?”

“Are you serious?”

“Does your IQ hit 200?”

“Why didn’t you write a composition?”



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  3. from mentor to study idol. lol This reminds me why i thought the ML was cute… T-T I love this story but i always read it when im supposed to be studying then feel guilty reading about jiaojiao studying so hard

    • Lol I know the feeling 🤣. I’m supposed to study but instead, I’m reading about jiao jiao studying so hard, the guilt is gnawing me alive. 😭

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