WFILTU Chapter 293 – Guard I

Xue Jiao ate the steamed fish just clipped over by Lin Zhihua and clamped on the white rice, looking depressed.

She could only see that Zhan Yichen’s words were strange and unpleasant. She doesn’t see the deeper purpose of Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze’s demonstration that he can solve the problems……

Was there really such a big IQ gap between her, Lin Zhihua and Cheng Mingze?

Lin Zhihua looked at her expression and shook his head funnily. This girl……

If she could really calculate these clearly, it would not be so easy for her to get along with himself and Cheng Mingze’s personality.

He broke everything apart with a smile and spoke to her. Lin Zhihua would not encourage her, nor would he deliberately tell her such and such tricks.

Only when she can’t understand these things, he would tell her in detail. As for how to deal with and treat them, it was Xue Jiao’s own business.

For example, if there was a south wall in front of her, Lin Zhihua would not forcibly stop her and ask her not to hit the south wall.

He would only make it clear, and then reach out and let her head be protected by his own hand, which will not hurt or harm.

Instead of desperately telling her not to do this or that, he shouldn’t stuff all 10 years of his experience into her mind.

He can speak and protect, but he won’t prevent her.

He lived for ten years longer than her. That is not to say that he wanted her to skip these ten years and reduce her life by ten years. After all, every age group is precious.

Childhood ignorance and recklessness will become precious memories as time goes by.

He just gave her tips and protected her in an all-round way. The way to go and the direction she was willing to go were all up to her.

Love is guarding, not instilling.

“First of all, your father came to Beijing. Naturally, it is impossible to find problems in the whole school. The scope is too large and the goal is not clear. So your father offered to invite his roommate to dinner. The scope was narrowed, but there were many problems. Your brother is a smart man. He understood your father’s meaning all at once.”

Lin Zhihua saw that she was absorbed and knocked on the dishes with his chopsticks. Xue Jiao quickly ate up, but her eyes were glued to him.

“Zhan Yichen stressed several times that your family has strength, which shows that he suspects that your brother gets his opportunities from his family. His roommates are already suspicious like so, so it is likely that other students think so.”

“How could this be?” Xue Jiao frowned. Not mentioning whether Cheng Shuo had such a great ability to intervene, even if he did, he would never intervene.

Everything Cheng Mingze had was gained with his own strength.

“But your brother’s roommate is not necessarily smart. He is sour on one hand and wants to please on the other.” Lin Zhihua smiled sarcastically from the corners of his mouth, turned over the fish, and clipped the best part for Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao: “……thank you.”

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“Your brother’s handling method was not bad. He was neither soft nor hard. The other party was speechless. Obviously, your brother can take care of such people, it’s just now the project is more urgent, and he has no time to take care of it. Your father is naturally relieved.” Lin Zhihua smiled.

He broke it apart making it clear andXue Jiao was not a fool. Naturally, she understood everything.

But she was a little discouraged, and her eyebrows and eyes drooped: “So university isn’t so calm either……”

“Whether you are calm or not, others will envy you for your excellence. Do you want to give up excellence for the sake of calmness?” Lin Zhihua asked.

Xue Jiao shook her head.

“That’s right, and when you become too good, or it becomes a habit, then you can be calm.” Lin Zhihua raised his brow, “Just like you won first place on the exam for the first time, others will envy you and want to beat you quickly, but when you’re number one all year round, no one would be jealous, because they are used to it, and they would acquiesce. Your brother’s movements were just a little big when he first came here. When you come next year, others may worship him already.”

Xue Jiao nodded approvingly. When she first took the exam, there were many questions. After many times, except for Chu Sheng, everyone else’s words became……did Gu Xuejiao or Chu Sheng rank first?

It could be seen that Lin Zhihua was right.

Lin Zhihua smiled, scooped half a bowl of soup for her, and then said, “Would you like some more soup?”

Xue Jiao took a glance at the soup, touched her stomach and shook her head.

She just listened too attentively and kept eating. Finally……she ate too much……

“Ate too much?” Almost at the moment of seeing her action, Lin Zhihua frowned and asked.

Xue Jiao nodded awkwardly.

Maybe Lin Zhihua’s IQ was so high that she thinks she didn’t use her brain when she stayed with him……

And seemed a little stupid……

“You’re not stupid.” Lin Zhihua rubbed her head again, and her hair became more and more chaotic.

“You guessed what I was thinking again?”

“Silly, you’ve had it written all over your face. Let’s go and take a walk to the library to digest some food, so it doesn’t matter if you eat too much at noon.” Lin Zhihua smiled and picked up her schoolbag.

Xue Jiao stretched out her hand: “Let me do it, let me!”

Lin Zhihua raised his brow: “It’s all right. I’ll just carry it. It’s not heavy.”

Xue Jiao looked at his hand carrying his schoolbag and thought of the heavy weight on her own back. She only felt that the strength of boys and girls was really very different.

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  3. i was mad for a second, the whole guys only like naïve innocence, but the way he described letting her grown into the experiences and ‘guarding’ not ‘instilling’ was lovely….. but I still have to say I love clever MCs that can be sweet but also understand recognize the darker parts of peoples hearts.

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