WFILTU Chapter 308 – Accident III

Liu Jiaxue looked back proudly and said, “I made two different kinds of steamed buns. Sugar steamed stuffed buns with more pleats and meat steamed stuffed buns with less pleats. They were just placed in the pot and can’t be eaten yet. If you are hungry, you can have a bowl of white porridge first. The porridge is almost ready. “

Xue Jiao was really stunned. She rubbed against Liu Jiaxue and opened her mouth: “You even wrapped two kinds of fillings!”

Liu Jiaxue smiled: “That’s right, I don’t know what you like to eat, so I created a little of each!”

Xue Jiao shook her head in shock. Her beautiful little face was full of incredibleness. She had just got up, her hair was still scattered, and she was wearing lovely blue elf clothes.

Liu Jiaxue couldn’t help it. She patted her face with her own flour white hand, leaving a white flour mark.

Xue Jiao’s mouth was slightly open. She stretched out her hand, and wiped a little on Liu Jiaxue’s face.


They looked at each other and laughed.

“Jiaxue, your steamed stuffed bun is too delicate. I think it’s no different from a chef’s creation! No, it may be better than a professional chef! ” Xue Jiao opened her eyes wide and looked at the shaped steamed buns one after another in surprise.

Really, almost every one was about the same size, white, small and exquisite.

“How can you speak so well……” Liu Jiaxue smiled and said softly, “I actually want to major in management.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

“Then after graduation, open a snack bar selling steamed stuffed buns, and then open my snack bar to the north and south of the river.” Then she thought it was funny and added, “Isn’t it very funny and without much pursuit in life?”

Xue Jiao put her hand on her shoulder, moved the person over, and then said seriously, “How can there be no pursuit? If you can sell your food to the north and south of the river, you will be one of the top players in this industry in the future. Jiaxue, I hope I can also eat your snacks in the city where I live in the future! “

Liu Jiaxue smiled gently, and a smile from the corners of her mouth rose.

“En! I will let you eat what I make in your own city! Then I’ll give you a lifetime card. You can eat it for free every day. “

Xue Jiao pretended to be shocked: “Youyouyouyouyou……you want me to be a sugar baby?! Ah——well done! “

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Liu Jiaxue: “……”

She stared at Xue Jjiao: “Don’t bother my process of making steamed buns!”

“I’ll help you!”

“Do you know how?” Liu Jiaxue was surprised.

“I do!” Xue Jiao blinked, “It’s just……a little ugly.”

What hardships hadn’t she had in her last life. She also knows how to make steamed buns, but……her workmanship is poor.

Like Li Sitong, she has no……talent in cooking.

“Ha ha, you should try!” Liu Jiaxue smiled and pushed the filling over.

Xue Jiao washed her hands and made steamed buns with her very seriously.

At about 7:30, Xue Jiao sighed——

“What I created is in sharp contrast to what you made.”

Her steamed bun could only be regarded as a steamed bun. It looked even uglier next to Liu Jiaxue’s steamed bun whose pleats were pinched out.

“It’s all right. You can just eat it in the future. You don’t have to make it.” Liu Jiaxue put one hand on Xue Jiao’s shoulder and boldly said the general declaration of hegemony.

Xue Jiao snuggled up slightly, and then said with wide eyes, “Then I’ll wait!”

The steamed bun that opened the pot already exuded fragrance, which permeated the air,

And very soon, the people in the rooms came out one after another.

“It smells so good. What are you guys making?” Cheng Shuo was curious.

“Hahaha, Dad, hurry and eat. The steamed bun made by Jiaxue is great.” Xue Jiao laughed while sticking her head out from the kitchen.

Cheng Shuo was stunned. Then he looked at Liu Jiaxue with a big smile——

“Really? This is also great. Jiaxue, you are so powerful. I thought I could only eat pitiful bread and milk this morning. I didn’t expect Jiaxue to be so powerful! “

Cheng Mingze also went downstairs, smiled and said, “I originally decided not to eat this morning. Classmate Liu Jiaxue, it’s too great! You immediately changed my mind.”

He gave a thumbs up. The exaggeration of the two men made Liu Jiaxue a little more confident.

She looked up slightly and said slightly embarrassed, “You can try it……”

Turning around, she immediately ran into the kitchen to scoop porridge and serve vegetables.

Xue Jiao raised a thumb at Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze, and they smiled.

At this time, Li Sitong came out.

Xue Jiao looked at her and felt that Li Sitong was a little wrong today.

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  1. “Xue Jiao looked at her and felt that Li Sitong was a little wrong today”

    I know what she means, but when HASN’T Li Sitong been wrong in this entire series? Especially at the start. If it weren’t for step-dad she’d probably STILL be wrong. -_-

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  3. So in the original, Li Sitong died and become Earth bound ghost that actually saw the end of Gu XueJiao? What a pitiful souls for the two original.

    I am also jealous of those that can easily makes beautiful pleated dumplings. Mine is always not uniformly formed lol.

  4. I just made some pork buns yesterday… I’m a decent cook taste-wise but my craftsmanship is so ugly … so terrible ugly! These kids studying to exhaustion is impressive and all but making pretty buns impresses me more ;-;

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