WFILTU Chapter 310 – Accident V

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong have been afraid to do exciting projects. There were only the four young people who dared to try anything.

“Why don’t we try the ferris wheel?” Xue Jiao looked at Li Sitong.

In fact, Li Sitong has never played these games. She had a change in her heart, yet she felt embarrassed that she was “so old” and still wanted to play this game.

“Come on, I want to try it.” Cheng Shuo understood her heart and said with a smile.

There were not many people, but they still had to queue up for the New Year.

“Are you bringing out your younger brothers and sisters out to play?” A woman with children spoke to Li Sitong.

Suddenly, Li Sitong raised her embarrassed face and proudly pointed to Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao: “These are my son and daughter. These two children are my daughter’s classmates.”

After Li Sitong’s words, the other party was stunned.

One was to envy Li Sitong, who was still young and beautiful, and her husband was very handsome. On the other, it was to envy the two children who were both so good-looking!

The man was extremely envious and said, “You are really so fortunate. Both your children are already grown? Junior high school or high school? “

Li Sitong exposed a smile. At this time, it was probably a mother’s most brilliant and happy moment.

“My son is over eighteen years old and has gone on to attend college. My daughter is seventeen and is in year three.”

“They’re all attending college and high school?! Which school? ” The person’s surprised mouth grew, and the parents behind him also looked over at the same time.

Li Sitong exposed a noble and slightly plain smile, and spoke calmly——

“My son is a freshman at Tsinghua University and my daughter is attending Qizhong school.”

People: “……”

Some people, were just really meant to be jealous of!

Li Sitong had already lost all of her embarrassment when she got on the ferris wheel. She walked into the ferris wheel with her head up under the envious eyes of a group of mothers behind her.

Cheng Shuo followed and sat with her.

And Xue Jiao and Liu Jiaxue naturally went up and down hand in hand.

Yi Tianyu and Cheng Mingze looked at each other and moved to the side at the same time.

They really found the other disgusting.

The ferris wheel started, and Li Sitong followed on to play the pirate ship, the rotating flying chair and so on.

“Mom, why don’t you try the roller coaster?” As the several people walked on, Cheng Mingze suddenly asked.

Li Sitong was surprised and didn’t speak.

When Xue Jiao thought she would refuse, the other party replied tentatively, “Let’s try it?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

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When the roller coaster came down, Li Sitong’s face turned white. After that, she refused to play on anything and only helped them hold onto their clothes.

Liu Jiaxue looked at a place and didn’t move.

Xue Jiao followed her line of sight and her heart tightened.

Jumping machine.

“Do you want to go?” Xue Jiao twisted her head.

Liu Jiaxue nodded and said softly, “I want to try it.”

Xue Jiao bit her teeth: “Then let’s go!”

“Mom and Dad, let’s go play on the jumping machine.”

Cheng Shuo was slightly surprised: “Jiao Jiao, do you dare to play this?”

Then, he noticed Liu Jiaxue next to him and immediately understood.

The party walked over.

This jumping machine was a little high, so few people played on it. Cheng Mingze could only go up directly with Yi Tianyu, Liu Jiaxue and Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao looked up and held the pillar next to her, not letting go.

“Jiao Jiao?” Liu Jiaxue was slightly puzzled.

“Hahaha! !” Yi Tianyu laughed, “Nerd, don’t you dare? !”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Her face turned white and she never went up.

Liu Jiaxue suddenly smiled.

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  1. Although I know it’s more of a nickname/endearment, I still get very annoyed when Yi Tianyu
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    • this is why he is 2ml not 1st…. no matter how cute a himbo ML is Tianyu is just not mature enough to gain star status

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