WFILTU Chapter 319 – Crazy VI

When 12 o’clock arrived, they all stood up.

“Go go and set off fireworks.”

“Brother, I blame you for buying so much that we can’t bring it all away!”

“Then put it back and we’ll light it next year.”


“Mingze, don’t tease your sister. You should hold more. Why do you put so much in your sister’s arms?”

“Did you hear that? Dad said you abused me!”


All the fireworks were arranged in a row. When they arrived at 12:00, Cheng Mingze lit up two and Cheng Shuo lit up two on the other two sides.

Xue Jiao was also a brave person. She stood among them and also lit up one. After lighting it up, she ran away with a smile.

She had just run away, when her phone rang and she picked it up.

“Hello——” the voice was loud. The fireworks sounded, and her voice was amplified unconsciously.

Lin Zhihua smiled at the other end. Naturally, he also heard the movement on her side.

He hadn’t let the Lin parents return home yet. Naturally, this year he spent the New Years alone.

After eating a bowl of dumplings, he continued to work. At twelve o’clock, his heart was full of longing, so he made this call.

Listening to the excitement at the other end and her laughter, it seemed that he had followed the excitement.

“Jiao Jiao.”

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Xue Jiao heard a familiar voice and thought of the scene where Lin Zhihua came to set off fireworks alone last year.

“Lin Zhihua!! Happy New Year!”

Lin Zhihua’s smile came out: “Happy New Year.”

“I’m setting off fireworks!!” The explosion of fireworks was loud, and Xue Jiao also roared loudly.

Lin Zhihua smiled and shook his head: “I heard it.”

Xue Jiao’s hearts moved and she thought of Lin Zhihua’s family.

“Are you alone?”


Immediately, the phone was cut off.

Lin Zhihua was stunned, then his heart tightened.

Very soon, his phone rang again, it was a video call.

The radian of Lin Zhihua’s mouth became larger and he picked it up——


A lovely and beautiful face appeared on the screen. She shouted with her mouth open——

“Wei! Can you hear me! !”

Lin Zhihua smiled so much that his eyebrows and eyes bent and he nodded.

In fact, even if she whispered, he would still be able to hear it, but the sounds on her side were too loud. She couldn’t hear her own voice, so she thought he couldn’t hear it.

But……it was so cute.

“I’ll show you fireworks! You can spend the New Year with us! Happy New Year!” Xue Jiao quickly switched the camera and aimed it at the sky.

Lin Zhihua looked at the fireworks over there and leaned his head against the French window.

Although he and she were now in two cities, they looked at the same fireworks and spoke.

It seemed that they had a lively New Year together, and Lin Zhihua’s smile couldn’t fall.

Good, good.

After the fireworks, Xue Jiao hung up the phone and yawned. After listening to the unforgettable night, she went back to her room to wash and sleep.

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