WFILTU Chapter 323 – College Entrance Exam II

The next day, Xue Jiao handed the completed form to Yin Fang, who was slightly surprised.


“En.” Xue Jiao chuckled.

Yin Fang looked at her a few times over. Although she didn’t understand it, she understood over her contact with Xue Jiao the past year.

When the girl smiled at her, the decision she made would not be changed.

A girl who looks very soft but was actually quite stubborn.

Yin Fang put away the form and said, “Xue Jiao, no matter which university you are recommended to, you must try your best on the battlefield for the college entrance examination. In addition, your brother achieved such brilliance last year. Teacher hopes you can achieve better results on the battlefield in June, so work hard!”

Xue Jiao nodded and smiled slightly, “Thank you, teacher, I will.”

“Then go into the classroom and study,” Yin Fang spoke with a smile.

Xue Jiao nodded and turned away.

Li Ping looked up at Yin Fang and vented: “Chu Sheng doesn’t want to be escorted.”

Yin Fang rolled her eyes at him and spoke casually, “Then can’t he just take the college entrance examination? Chu Sheng’s grades are so stable, won’t he easily pass the college entrance examination.”

“Ai, that’s different.”

Yin Fang rolled her eyes: “What’s the difference? Aren’t you just thinking that you can’t get two bonuses like Cheng Mingze’s teacher?”

Li Ping looked at Yin Fang and sneered: “Teacher Yin, if Gu Xuejiao isn’t escortedanymore, you may be more angry than me.”

Yin Fang: “……”

As if cursed by Li Ping’s words, news came down the next day.

“What? !” Yin Fang stood up.

“Teacher Yin, there’s no way. It’s the arrangement of Tsinghua University, and the leaders of our school are also very uncomfortable. Of course, I hope Gu Xuejiao can be recommended Tsinghua, which is also the reputation of our school.“ The teacher in charge of the mathematics group frowned enough that his knitted brows could catch mosquitoes.

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But very soon, he loosened up and said, “Fortunately, Peking University knows Gu Xuejiao’s achievements last year. There are recommendations to come down.”

Yin Fang thought that the Mathematics Department of Peking University was actually better than Tsinghua University, so she immediately went to Gu Xuejiao.

She just didn’t expect……

“Can’t be escorted to Tsinghua?” Xue Jiao frowned slightly.

Yin Fang nodded: “Yes, our school has no quota in the Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University, but only in the engineering department. Fortunately, Peking University and Fudan University have quotas in their mathematics departments, which depends on your first prize in the mathematics competition last year, so Gu Xuejiao, do you want to be recommended to Peking University?”

Xue Jiao’s eyebrows loosened and she spoke with a smile, “That’s not necessary.”

“That’s right, Peking University mathematics is still……wait, what are you talking about?!” Yin Fang originally thought she would definitely change, but when she reflected on what Xue Jiao had just said, she seemed to feel deafened.

“Teacher Yin, since there are no placements anymore, then forget it.” Xue Jiao smiled slightly.

Yin Fang felt as if she had been struck by thunder. If it were her child, she would beat her.

But this was the student she was most proud of, not her own biological child.

“Gu Xuejiao, this, I think like this. The Mathematics Department of Peking University is much better. You……”

“Teacher Yin, I’ve already decided.” Xue Jiao’s voice was firm.

“No, wait, you really don’t need to think about it anymore? Or ask your family?” Yin Fang still looked unbelievable.

Xue Jiao nodded: “No need, they would support me.”

Cheng Shuo would support her. Li Sitong listens to Cheng Shuo.

Yin Fang was still silly.

Xue Jiao said, “Teacher, time is tight, so I won’t speak anymore. I’ll go back to the classroom and continue to review my studies.”

“Go……go……” Yin Fang said blankly.

After Xue Jiao left, Li Ping smiled.

“Hahaha, Teacher Yin, isn’t it better to directly take the college entrance examination then? Gu Xue Jiao’s grades are so stable that she can pass for any school she wants.”

He twisted his neck and imitated Yin Fang’s words of “comfort” from before.

Yin Fang: “……”

Her liver hurted with anger!

Next to them, the Chinese teacher, Teacher Yuan raised his head and said with a smile——

“You two are also worrying blindly. Gu Xuejiao and Chu Sheng are not nerds. They have the right idea. Others are selected by the University, and with these twos’ grades, they are the ones selecting the University. Don’t worry. Watch the students review their studies.”

Yin Fang: “……”

Li Ping: “……”

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