WFILTU Chapter 330 – Finished Exam I

The weather in June was muggy. If it is not a rainstorm, it’s the sun shining brightly, anyhow it was always the weather that people don’t want to go out in.

A battle that had been prepared for more than ten years began on June 7 and 8.

It was silent, and smokeless.

On the first Chinese test, someone cried downstairs just after the test. Obviously, there was either a failure on the test or an accident.

The examinees didn’t pay much attention except to have a look.

At the moment, everyone was preparing for the battle in the afternoon, and no one had the mind to pay attention to others.

Xue Jiao felt that the difficulty of the language exam was alright. The difficulty couldn’t compare to the second mock exam and was closer to the first mock exam.

She had a cold, but she gave full play to her strength.

At noon, she took a nap in the hotel next to Qizhong school.

This hotel was the closest to Qizhong school. It needed to be settled at least three months in advance to stay during the college entrance examination.

It can be seen that parents also work hard for the students’ college entrance examination.

After waking up from her nap in the hotel at noon, Xue Jiao was sent to the examination room after taking medicine.

Cheng Shuo and none of them asked her how she did on the Chinese test. It doesn’t matter. What matters was how she did on the next test.

The afternoon was math.

The weather was a little hot, so the fan above her head was on. Xue Jiao was right under the fan. She sneezed and didn’t pay much attention to it.

This set of questions was a little difficult.

Almost after flipping through the exam, Xue Jiao knew that the difficulty of the mathematical paper was beyond the second mock exam.

This may be the most difficult time in the past decade.

Fortunately, in the second semester of Xue Jiao’s year three, the focus was to learn those difficult knowledge points. During the mathematics competition, Lin Zhihua gave her many questions, which were also rare and heinous.

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Xue Jiao heard many people take a breath. Obviously, this set of questions made many people feel desperate.

She took a deep breath, then picked up her pen and began quickly.

The problem was difficult. The later problems required spending a lot of time. In this way, they must cherish every second and never waste time.

When Xue Jiao finished the last big question, she heard someone sobbing, but soon the invigilator passed and the voice stopped.

She knew someone was crying.

There were many people turning the papers around and producing an irritable sound.

Many of them have already “finished”. They were sure to finish what they could do. Then they looked at the large blank areas and thought that it was the college entrance examination, and their faces turned red in anxiety.

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply and felt her head spin.

Moreover, she was somewhat baffled by the last portion of the last question.

But this question had eight points. How could she lose these eight points

The window on the left was half open, the wind blew, and the fan on the top of her head turned. Xue Jiao felt that her head was a little hot.

But she didn’t care.

She placed down her pen and breathed slowly.

Her move naturally attracted the invigilator’s attention. An invigilator came over and looked at her paper.

The invigilator teachers were originally not from this city, and most of them were teachers who taught primary schools. Math invigilators also don’t teach mathematics.

He can’t do these questions, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t see the blank pieces of other students and the whole answers of this student.

The teacher was a little surprised, and then gently left and walked to the back to avoid disturbing the students.

Xue Jiao still closed her eyes and didn’t care about the external voices.

A moment later, she opened her eyes and picked up her pen.

Just now, she has forgotten all her previous ideas. Now she started the problem and started to do it again.

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