WFILTU Chapter 331 – Finished Exam II

After the first small question was finished, Xue Jiao did not stop, and directly solved the second small question in one breath.

Then she looked at the answer to the first small question she had calculated and breathed a sigh of relief.

After writing all the answers on the answer sheet, there was only twenty minutes left.

Xue Jiao quickly restarted her inspection. It took 20 minutes and she just finished the inspection.

“Stop writing.”

As soon as the invigilator said what he said, most people stopped writing, but a few were writing hard.

“Stop writing” the invigilator’s voice became serious.

As they all know, when the time finishes and they continue to write, the test could be invalidated.

Therefore, many students placed down their pens decadently.

Xue Jiao stood up after the teacher finished collecting the papers.

Her eyes darkened and her body shook.

She held the table and barely stood still. After a moment, Xue Jiao shook her head and walked out.

“Wuwuwu” someone cried while walking.

There were also people crying downstairs. The math paper this time caused people to become desperate and hopeless.

What Xue Jiao didn’t know was that soon after they left the examination room, the mathematics despair made the headlines.

The difficulty of such a national exam has aroused heated discussion.

After only two exams, some people seem to have their life and death written clearly already and they cried bitterly.

The hard problems were naturally better for strong people like Xue Jiao. After all, like this, they can raise their score by a lot of points.

But Xue Jiao didn’t feel happy at all.

Anyone looking at those crying faces couldn’t be happy.

Especially for those with a bad attitude, the problem was difficult. When they were  anxious, their heads were not clear, and then, the more they panic, the more they couldn’t do it. They may only give full play to three to four points of their seven point ability.

The bitterness of more than ten years was likely to be lost.

When Xue Jiao walked out the school gate, her head became more and more dizzy. When she came to Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong, she only pulled out a smile and half narrowed and half opened her eyes.

Cheng Mingze found the problem almost immediately.

Reaching out, he quickly brought the person into his arms, then he hugged her and touched her forehead.

“Jiao Jiao has a fever.”

Li Sitong’s legs softened, and Cheng Shuo hurriedly held her. He was also anxious, and his face changed.

“Hurry and bring her to the hospital.”

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Cheng Mingze picked up Xue Jiao and rushed to the parking lot. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong held her things and hurried behind them.

Just when he ran onto the road, a car stopped in front of Cheng Mingze and the window rolled down halfway.

Lin Zhihua’s voice was anxious “get in the car.”

Cheng Mingze opened the back seat without saying a second word.

“Mom and Dad, I’ll bring Jiao Jiao to the nearest hospital first. Come here quickly.” The car couldn’t sit two more people.

As soon as the voice fell, the car sped out.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong continued to run to their car.

“Whose car did Mingze take just now?”

“I didn’t see clearly.”

“Old Cheng, hurry up”

“En en.”

Lin Zhihua’s car rushed all the way to the hospital.

Chen Yan was driving. Lin Zhihua sat in the co-pilot, and Cheng Mingze was holding Xue Jiao in the back.

Lin Zhihua handed Cheng Mingze a thermos cup. He dialed while saying, “give her some water first. This is warm boiled water.”

Cheng Mingze gave him a deep look and received it.

Now the most important thing was Jiao Jiao. Everything else can be placed behind.

“Hello, President Cen, this is Lin Zhihua. Please arrange a doctor for me as soon as possible. Someone with me has a fever. I’ll be arriving at the hospital soon.”

“Yes, yes that’s right. Also prepare two quiet wards for tonight.”

“Ok, Ok.”

“Thank you.”

Then he hung up.

Cheng Mingze comforted Xue Jiao anxiously, but in his ears, he listened to Lin Zhihua’s anxious and orderly arrangement.

When the car arrived at the door of the hospital, Cheng Mingze held Xue Jiao. Lin Zhihua and Chen Yan led the way and went straight upstairs.

In a separate diagnostic room, two doctors with director’s badges took over Xue Jiao.

The temperature was taken and all the tests were conducted very fast.

“It’s a common cold and fever. The fastest effect is to use drip overnight tonight, and then she’ll be fine around noon tomorrow.”

“But why doesn’t she have any consciousness?” Cheng Mingze’s voice was worried.

Xue Jiao’s face was red, her eyes were closed, and her eyebrows were furrowed.

“Her temperature is more than 39 degrees. She must be very uncomfortable now, so she slept immediately when her eyes closed.” The doctor explained.

“Will it affect tomorrow’s exam?” Lin Zhihua suddenly spoke.

The two doctors were stunned at “exam.”

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