WFILTU Chapter 337 – Finished Exam VIII

Xue Jiao took back her thoughts and talked to another person. The cold goddness had a good attitude today. She didn’t bury herself in reading or reciting on the road. Many people wanted to talk to her.

There were also girls around to talk to Yi Tianyu. Some blessed him, and some looked at Xue Jiao next to him and wished for him to receive everything he wants.

They said goodbye in this way and didn’t say their likes because,

It was well known that Yi Tianyu liked Gu Xuejiao.

In front of the teachers, there were also an endless stream of people talking to them. The teacher sent them best wishes, and then hugged them, that is their goodbye.

Xue Jiao didn’t drink. Yet, she still felt a little drunk in such an atmosphere.

She was the last to find her teacher. She raised her glass, red eyed and sincerely said, “Teacher, thank you.”

Thank you for your cultivation towards us in high school.

Thank you for your efforts.

Yin Fang’s eyes were red. Her emotions towards Gu Xuejiao were very complex. She didn’t like her originally, but currently, she liked her more and more, and she placed high hopes on her.

Xue Jiao has changed some of her cognition. Every child has the potential to make progress. She was a teacher. She must be encouraging.

Dislike and suppression will also make good seedlings have no chance to rise.

“Teacher also thanks you.” Yin Fang hugged her.

Finally, when they separated, she whispered “I’m sorry” in her ear.

I’m sorry I didn’t trust you before.

Sorry for my contempt towards you before.

Teacher Yuan also hugged Xue Jiao. This forthright female teacher has already cried.

“Teacher is also reluctant, but you all have a better future. Gu Xuejiao, you should work hard and teacher likes you very much. In the future, you should keep working hard. The college entrance examination is only the beginning, not the end. Teacher believes that you will go higher and farther and realize your dream in the future.”

Xue Jiao shed tears. “Thank you, Teacher Yuan.”

Giving her thanks, in her growth, for every teacher dedicated to their students.

After dinner, the boys hooked their shoulders, chatted with the girls hand in hand and walked outside.

Teacher Yin and several of their teachers also drank some wine, but they still did their duty to send the students to school.

Resident students must be sent back to the dormitory, and walking students sent to the school gate and handed over to their parents.

Along the way, class one and class two gradually came together, a wide street with students side by side in twos and threes.

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They sang the school song. After they sang that, they sang “those flowers” by Pu Shu, and then the “you at the same table” by old wolf.

Finally, singing Wang Zheng’s “We are all good children”.

Echoing in the street were the young howls.

Those who are out of tune, singing and shouting were venting their emotions.

Open the window and look at the white birds in the sky.

Thinking of your smile filled with the smell of peppermint.

You were running on the playground.

Shouting I love you, do you know.

At that time we were not afraid of anything.

Look at the coffee colored sunset again.

You said you should always love, always be good.

So we will never separate like this.

We are all good children.

A whimsical child.

Believe that love can last forever.

We are all good children.

The kindest children.

Miss those who hurt us.

Shouting I love you.

Xue Jiao stood at the school gate. She had sent a message to Cheng Shuo when she set out from the restaurant, so she has to wait at the school gate now.

There were many stars in the sky, and Yi Tianyu approached her.

It was almost ten o’clock. Even in June, it was a little breezy at night. It wasn’t hot and was a little cold.

“Nerd Jiao Jiao” Yi Tianyu’s voice was very light. He drank a lot today, but his drinking capacity was unexpectedly good and he was not drunk.

“En,” Xue Jiao looked back.

The wind blew her broken hair, a little messy.

Yi Tianyu looked at her and his heart was pounding.

He felt that it was time to say something to her.


Xue Jiao met his sight, and his heart tightened.

He held his fingers into a fist and pinched his fingertips in the palm of his hand.

“Jiao Jiao, let’s go.” Cheng Shuo came to pick her up, and the car stopped not far from them.

“Ok” Xue Jiao answered first.

Then she looked at Yi Tianyu and said, “What do you want to say?”

Yi Tianyu pulled out a smile and said, “It’s nothing. You should go back first. We’ll talk about it next time.”

He thinks there’s still more time. It’s the same next time.

Xue Jiao looked at him for a moment, then took her sight back.

He smiled and turned around. “Bye then.”

“Ok, bye.”

Yi Tianyu looked at her back and thought, there’s still a chance to say it, next time.

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