SAPPS Chapter 1

The dilapidated and gloomy buildings give off a damp and moldy smell. Snakes and mice scurry by from time to time. When one looked carefully, they could see a child lying in the corner.

It’s very quiet around.

Wei San was covered with a worn and dirty quilt. The cement peeling ceiling and steel bars were exposed. She always has the illusion of it collapsing at any time.


A drop of sewage mixed with mud fell on her face.


Without opening her eyes, Wei San rolled into the innermost corner wrapped in the quilt, avoided the water droplets above and continued to sleep.

At four o’clock in the morning, the alarm clock in the corner suddenly rang, and Wei San reached out and pressed it.


The alarm clock’s leg broke.

She suddenly woke up, grabbed at her messy chicken nest hair, picked up the alarm clock and its legs and looked at it. Not bad, it could still be repaired.

Wei San rolled up the quilt and piled it in a slightly cleaner corner. Then she went to the next pile of scrap iron,  rummaged out a big bag and walked out of the abandoned building.

She’s going to pick up garbage.

A month ago, Wei San changed from a senior engineer who didn’t have to worry about food and drinks to a seven-year-old orphan who ate all kinds of garbage. When she woke up, a huge mouse squatted next to her face and wanted to bite at her.

The child left this world with a high fever. When the child woke up again, she became the engineer, Wei San.

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She has the memory of the child in her mind. When the child was young, the child was picked up and raised by a mute old man who also lived in the nearby dump. Not long ago, the old man died and she was left alone. The place where she originally lived was occupied by people nearby. The child had no choice but to find shelter in such an abandoned building that was about to collapse. She went to the dump every day to look for food, but hunger and a sudden high fever killed the child.

Wei San was an adult after all. It took her one night to accept the reality, and the next day she continued to go to the garbage dump and dig through the garbage to eat.

If she doesn’t eat, she would starve to death.

This month, Wei San made a tricycle from the collected garbage and scrap iron. She placed the big old bag behind her and rode the tricycle all the way back clanging along. The garbage flying car dumps at 2:00 a.m.. She went at 4:00 a.m. to avoid any adults.

There were hundreds of people near the dump. They all survive from the garbage. Adults rummaged around in the garbage first. Children without parents could only dig around in it last. Otherwise, it was only a small matter to pick up good things and be robbed. They would be beaten and killed. They also couldn’t rummage through it when the sun comes out, otherwise the smell of the garbage dump will be too pungent and trouble may occur too.

When she arrived at the garbage dump, there were really not many people. The new load of garbage was almost completely rummaged through. It was difficult to find any food that was edible.

Wei San calmed down and took a deep breath: “Vomit——”

Shit, she forgot this was a dump.

She dragged the big bag and stepped into the garbage dump, careful not to let herself fall. There were often people who fell in accidentally. She found someone who fell in the garbage a few days ago, and they finally suffocated and died.

Most of the metals that could be recycled on the market were also picked up by adults first. Wei San squatted on the garbage mountain and turned it over slowly. When she saw something interesting, she would throw it into the bag. She forgot her hunger.

Wei San looked around and found a broken test tube. There was a drop of pink liquid at the bottom. She picked it up and sniffed at it. Her eyes lit up, it was nutrient liquid!


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