SOOEW Chapter 260 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXVII

Next to her sits the Prince Consorts, Wu Yuzhen, the Third Prince Consort, was also there. Holding the hand stove, looking at the scene in the field, she smiled and asked Wen Ying: “Why is his highness not here? It must be meaningless to leave the Crown Princess here alone.”

Wen Ying didn’t speak, and the fourth prince’s consort around her said frankly: “Look at the game, it’s fun to play the ball around. Who cares about the other matters. Aiyah! Look at the sixth prince——”

Halfway through her words, the girls around burst into whispers and screams.

In the field, Yu Wenluo’s iron inlaid skates scraped on the ice mirror lake like a gust of wind. Entering the opponent’s territory was like entering an uninhabited land, he successfully won the handball.

He stood upright, clapped high fives with his teammates. The blue ribbon tied to his arm fluttered in the wind, and exposed his youthful style with loud laughter. He cast a glance in the direction of the grandstand and quickly turned back under the cheers of the crowd.

No one found that his eyes had fallen on Wen Ying.

“It’s said that his highness the sixth prince is now the head of the military department in the imperial court, and has contributed to several major events. The emperor was pleased and praised him again and again. He used to be like a transparent man in the palace, but now he is hot when he enters the imperial court.” The fourth prince consrt looked around, and many girls stared at him with bright eyes, blushing cheeks and smiled, “He’s not married yet. Many families have planned to marry their daughters to him.”

“Very good.” Wen Ying brushed away her disordered hair and smiled at the people on the court.

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Wu Yuzhen seemed to think of something. She hooked her lips and said, “It’s better for the Crown Prince to have a look.……the winning team can get the best plum branches this winter. If the Crown Prince was here, he would give them to the Crown Princess. At present, it seems to be cheaper for us.”

In the energy that was used to speak, the prince’s team won, and sure enough, each got a plum blossom, which was counted as a colorful head. All along, the colorful branches were sent to the female family members by those who had them and those who didn’t sent it to those they liked, so that they also felt the joy and glory.

The young princes participating in the game were still looking for a seat for their sweetheart. The older princes were still on their honeymoon because they had just married. As soon as they take the flowers, they rush to the prince consorts. In this way, it seems that there was no one in front of the main seat.

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