SAPPS Chapter 2

She immediately lifted it up and poured it into her mouth. After pouring it for half a day, the 

drop of nutrient solution finally slipped down the wall of the test tube.

Wei San thought back on its flavour, it was a strawberry flavored nutrient solution.

The feeling of being hungry for a long time dissipated suddenly.

Nutrient solution was a good thing. It’s easy to get full. Unfortunately, there was only one drop.

If she could find half a tube of nutrient solution, she wouldn’t have to be hungry all day.

Just when she was thinking so, a strong light suddenly came down from her head. Wei San looked up and saw that it was a flying garbage car.

It was strange as flying garbage cars usually come at 2 a.m. and now it’s more than 4 o’clock. How could there still be flying garbage cars coming?

Without waiting for Wei San to think more, another flying garbage car appeared over the dump. She immediately dragged the bag down. These flying garbage cars didn’t pay attention to whether there was anyone below. They dump the garbage directly and some people are killed each year.

When she hid at the edge of the garbage dump, she could see that there were five flying garbage cars circling above, and there was a small aircraft next to them.

The window in front of the small aircraft kept flashing a white light. That frequency reminded her of the camera used by the world media.

In the next second, the five flying garbage cars opened the floor, countless large boxes fell into the dump, and the light of the small aircraft flashed more frequently.

After the garbage trucks were emptied, it left with the small aircraft.

After waiting for a while, Wei San quickly climbed up and wanted to know what those boxes contained.

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Maybe she doesn’t have to look. She has already smelled it. It’s the smell of nutrient solution!

Just now when it had fallen off the garbage truck, the box on the lower layer had been broken. The smell of nutrient solution began to float out, mixed with the smell of the garbage dump, forming a strange good and foul scent.

Wei San took a flashlight made by herself from her pocket, shone it on the box, stretched out her hand to pull off the seal, and couldn’t help taking a breath——it was all brand-new nutrient solution.

She opened several boxes continuously, which were also full of nutrient solution.

This situation was much like destroying problematic food.

She doesn’t know what’s wrong with these nutrient solutions. Wei San immediately stuffed three intact boxes into her big bag, then dragged the bag to find her broken tricycle, placed three boxes of nutrient solutions on the bike, then pushed the bike into the trees to hide it, before then running towards the dump again. She repeated her behavior and placed the nutrient solutions in the car. After the third round trip, other garbage collectors came one after another to grab the nutrient solutions.

Those people broke the nozzle immediately and poured the nutrient solution into their mouths.

“It really is nutrient solution! It tastes good!”

“Come on, quickly grab it!”

Wei San continued to carry the nutrient solution. When she was dizzy with hunger, she took two and poured them into her mouth. Suddenly, her stomach was warm, and the feeling of hungering pangs slowly disappeared.

She didn’t drink any more. She continued moving it till they couldn’t fit on the tricycle anymore before pushing the bike out and was ready to go back.

It was a bit much.

Wei San gritted her teeth and rode her tricycle with it creaking all the way back. She had to find a chance to make the tricycle electric, but she hadn’t found the accessories she wanted in the dump before. The energy of this world was very different from that of her world. It’s a pity the child only has the memory of rummaging around garbage in the garbage dump with the elder day after day.

Back to the deserted dilapidated building, Wei San slowly moved in the nutrient solutions, a total of 12 boxes. She stacked them neatly beside the wall and was satisfied.

Finally, she doesn’t have to be hungry anymore.

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  3. Suspicious. It is okey to drink them when starving but at least think before entirely relaying on them for food ?

    • What’s to think about, not like she’s gonna waste precious calories on a tester rat…if it kills her then oh well, not like she’s living the good life…death might be an upgrade lol

  4. This is starting really good. I usually steer clear of any mecha genre but so far I’m sticking.. Thanks for the hard work!

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