SAPPS Chapter 3

This month, she was so hungry that she even thought slowly. She was full of thoughts of food every day.

Wei San was in much more pain than the original child. The child has never seen good things since childhood. She was different. In her original world, there were countless delicious foods. As soon as a person was hungry, their minds would be full of all kinds of food. The more she thought, the more hungry she became. She went to pick up garbage to eat. She has done psychological construction countless times.

After sitting on the ground for a while, Wei San decided to continue to move the nutrient solutions from the dump.

The five trucks of nutrient solutions were not a small number. Even if the people who made a living from the dump were there, they still couldn’t finish looting it. Therefore, today, the dump was particularly harmonious, and everyone was busy carrying nutrient solutions.

Wei San went back and forth four times. This time, despite the bad sun, she brought along 48 boxes from early morning to dark, and her pockets were filled with scattered nutrient solutions.

In the evening, she added a meal and drank a fruit flavored nutrient solution and a vegetable flavored nutrient solution. The lingering hunger for a month finally disappeared. She repaired the leg of the alarm clock before she lay down to rest.

After sleeping until four o’clock the next day, the alarm clock still rang like normal. Wei San turned over and her spirits were much better. She continued to prepare to go to the dump. This time, the purpose was not entirely the nutrient solutions, but the garbage dumped at two o’clock in the morning.

When she went over, there were many people in the dump, but their attention was all on the nutrient solution, and no one went to flip the garbage at all.

Wei San only moved three boxes this time. As the nutrient solution was slowly decreasing, several adults in the back began to divide their positions and didn’t let them move them, so she gave up and turned back to the garbage.

She wanted to find some useful materials to create something.

After flipping the trash for more than an hour, seeing that the sun was coming out, Wei San got up, left and rode all the way back on her broken three wheels.

Back at her residence, Wei San squatted in front of a wooden box and her hand brushed a row of nutrient solutions. She immediately felt very rich.

She can choose the taste of nutrient solutions now.

Wei San chose a strawberry flavored nutrient solution and drank it carefully in small sips. It was delicious.

Although she already has dozens of boxes of nutrient solution, she still needs to save some to drink, at least before she finds a way to survive.

After filling her stomach, Wei San sorted out the things in the bag. Finally, she looked at all her possessions and decided to go outside.

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In the past, when the old man was there, he could pick up all the waste products and sell them. In the child’s memory, the old man often goes north and says he’s going to the city to sell the metal waste.

A month has passed and she has gained so much nutrient solution to fill her stomach, so Wei San wants to go to the city to have a look.

She renovated her broken tricycle, moistened the chain and bearings with waste oil collected from the garbage dump to ensure that she can enter the city smoothly tomorrow.

The next day, Wei San cleaned herself and rode the broken three wheels north. It took about five hours to see the city.

It was so far, no wonder the old man didn’t bring the child with him.

She took a breath, took out a nutrient solution from her cloth bag, drank it, recovered her strength, and then continued to ride forward.

This was the first time that Wei San has seen a person that could be considered normal in the world. Apart from the occasional flying vehicles in the sky and various realistic virtual advertisements on the roadside, it was almost no different from her world.

“Recently, a batch of nutrient solution from Tongxuan company was found to be missing elements, which is not good for the human body……it has already been dealt with.”

When Wei San heard the news-like voice playing on a virtual screen at the top right, she was attracted by what the host said. She looked up and saw several photos on the screen.

It was the dump she went to this month where the several garbage flying cars kept dumping.

Wei San raised her brows. She saw herself in the corner of a photo. She was small and black. Except for a pair of big eyes, she was pitifully thin elsewhere.

——Like a little zombie.

However, she learned one thing from the information just now: the nutrient solution lacked key nutrients, which was not good for the human body, but it was also harmless.

The most important thing now was to fill her stomach. As for nutrition, there was no way for her to expect it for the time being.

Wei San only looked at the virtual screen, but she doesn’t know that people around her are looking at her frequently.

A seven year old child was riding on a strange moving rotten iron. How strange she looked.


The author has something to say: Wei San: Although she is poor now, this engineer will find a way to get rich!

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  1. A 7 yr old riding a tricycle what’s so strange…

    • shes by herself, and most likely looks dirty, plus shes in the city(?), that’s whats strange

    • She’s a child alone in a advanced city, riding a tricycle with flying cars everywhere, that’s why she’s looking odd comparing to everyone around her 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. I wish we were told more about her original world. I guess it’s closer to our own since she mentioned how it didn’t have flying vehicles or realistic advertisements?

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