SOOEW Chapter 262 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXIX

The stage was very lively for a while. After the competition, people could go in and out of the venue. Most people stayed to try ice entertainment. They slipped around the venue wearing skates with single or double blades. Some powerful people could also make actions such as standing on one foot, Nezha exploring the sea and double flying swallows, which made others applaud loudly.

Wen Ying also played for a while. She was taught by the palace attendants who were good at ice sports. She learned quickly and soon skated like a model.

However, her purpose of staying here was not skating. According to memory, there was a thin ice layer during the ice sports, but no one found it, resulting in the drowning of a young child. She didn’t make a special trip to save people, but thought of this incident while looking for an opportunity. In fact, her opportunity was to be sick in any sense, but if she can save people at the same time, she can always feel at ease.

There were so many people on the ice that she was not sure whether she could pinpoint the child accurately.

But it was obvious that she and the child had good luck. The little girl wore a red cloak. She slipped past her like a whirlwind and rushed excitedly towards another group of children, but just as she slid over a piece of ice, there was a crack on the ice.

Then, the louder the crack, the more sensitive adults slipped away in an instant. Only she took a short step and didn’t slide away for a long time.

Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise from the crowd, straight in her direction. She felt it was a little strange, but she couldn’t understand what it meant. She just slipped forward two steps. The ice suddenly cracked in a big hole. Her little body was shaky, and then she gave out a short and immature exclamation!

At the moment when the ice was sinking and she was about to fall into the water, she was quickly pushed aside by Wen Ying, who came after her. At the same time, Wen Ying fell into the biting ice water instead of her.

“Crown Princess——” a cry of surprise came from the crowd.

From not far away, Yu Wenluo, who had not looked away from her since she came off the stage, saw that her pupils suddenly shrink. He roughly pushed away the people in front of him and jumped into the water.

A few days later, Yu Wenhong rubbed his eyebrows, placed down his official letter and asked the palace workers, “How’s the Crown Princess?”

“She ate porridge for lunch. Her spirit is fine, just……”

The palace attendant stopped talking.

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Yu Wenhong glanced at him and knew it.

After Wen Ying fell into the water, she had a high fever. It was easy to get rid of the fever. He went to see her several times, but the person was all dizzy. When the imperial doctor came to see her, he only said to take care of her. It was unknown why, but there were more idle and broken words in the palace these two days. They all say that her behavior has changed, and her memory is confused, as if she was bumped into by something.

But he listened to her one by one, but he couldn’t help thinking that when he was just reborn, he was very similar to her now.

He shook his head, drove away the wishful thinking in his mind, pushed the door and stepped into the room.

Bi Yue was serving Wen Ying to intake the medicine. She has just taken two sips and raised her eyes to see him. First, she was in a trance for a moment. Suddenly, her face turned white and she trembled.

Yu Wenhong frowned and said to Bi Yue, “Retreat for now.”

Bi Yue looked back at her master with worry, but she had to say “yes” and retired.

Yu Wenhong sat by the bed, shook her hand and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter with you?” Although he had estranged her, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her, but he just can’t get through the block in his heart for the time being.

Unexpectedly, she trembled even more when she saw him like this.

Without waiting for him to ask, he heard in her heart【Am I crazy or is he crazy! Yu Wenhong doesn’t wear his Dragon Robes and sits on his dragon chair as his Emperor. Why does he come to the cold palace to see me? !】

He stood up and asked her in a deep voice, “Who are you? !”

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