SAPPS Chapter 4

Wei San enjoyed watching the advertisements along the way and received a lot of information from it.

For example, there were actually mecha being sold in this world. This kind of thing was still under development in her world. Unexpectedly, it could be taken out and sold now.

Her original profession was also in this direction, but messing with this costs a lot of money. It’s unknown what the world is like now.

“Wei, what is this thing of yours?”

Wei San slowly wheels her tricycle while watching the advertisements. Suddenly a child’s voice sounded behind her. At the start she thought the child wasn’t talking to herself until a fair and clean fat boy blocked in front of her bike and asked again with his chin up.

The little fatty was well dressed and protected by two adults that seemed like bodyguards. He seemed to have a high status.

Before Wei San replied, the little fatty came forward and touched left and right, whispering, “What is this new model of mecha?”

Wei San looked up at the aircraft in the sky and looked at the pedestrians walking on the street: there should be no backward means of transportation such as tricycles in this world.

The little fatty pointed to the bike compartment behind Wei San and asked, “What is the purpose of this thing in the back?”

“It can carry things or people.” Wei San patiently explained. This child looked richer than the people on the streets, so maybe she could make a fortune.

Back in the days, even though engineer Wei was young, she was still able to pull many projects, which was inseparable from her deception ability.

The little fatty spoke strangely, “Bring people? You don’t have a seat behind you.”

“Just come up and sit directly.”

“I’ll try.” The little fatty had just spoken when the bodyguard next to him lifted him up.

The little fatty didn’t know where to sit after he stood up. The back was too dirty.

Wei San glanced back and patted the horizontal bar of the tricycle: “Hold on properly.”

The little fatty tried to hold on to the horizontal bar in front. Just as he held it, the person in front stepped on the two square plates under the soles of her feet that wheezed, and the strange thing began to move.

The two bodyguards: “……”The speed of this strange thing was really too slow.

Standing on the back of the tricycle, watching the street move back slowly, the little fatty stretched out his hand and poked Wei San’s back: “Hey, your thing is pretty fun.”

“Do you want it? I’ll sell it to you.” Wei San said.

It’s just a tricycle. She can make it again as long as she has materials.

The little fatty hesitated for a moment: “How many star coins?” He just came out of the material market and only had a few star coins left.

“How much do you think this is worth?” Wei San used a rhetorical question.

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The little fatty spoke sincerely, “How about giving you 500 star coins?”

Wei San had looked at advertisements the entire road here. She discovered that the commodity price will be marked in the lower right corner. A box of twelve nutritional solutions costs 200 star coins. What is the master design of a pair of shoes for a little fatty? Just now the advertisement said 10000 star coins, which was typical for the children of rich families.

“Five hundred? Not for sale.” Wei San stopped the tricycle, pulled on the hand brakes and turned to look at the little fatty. “Have you seen this tricycle elsewhere? I have the only one in the whole…….city.”

Wei San doesn’t know the city name here.

The little fatty was round, white and clean. Wei San thought she could cheat as long as the two bodyguards behind her didn’t interfere.

“Your shape is strange, but……” The little fatty curled his lips, “The material is ordinary. There is no youjin at all. It has nothing to do with a mecha. Your things are useless. I buy them back as a novelty. 500 star coins is already considered a lot.”

Wei San: “?”

These words do not seem to be spoken by a child of seven or eight years old. Are the children in the world so hard to cheat now?

“Of course it’s not a mecha. This tricycle is actually used to help one grow taller.” Wei San glanced at the little fatty’s legs and enunciated solemnly, “If you often pedal a tricycle, your legs will become longer and you will become taller in the long run.”

The little fatty looked at Wei San strangely: “Why do you have to pedal this to grow taller? Just take a shot of gene improver.”

Wei San: “……”It’s so nice to have developed science and technology.

“Did you make this tricycle?” The little fatty asked.

Wei San nodded, “I’ll give it to you for five thousand. If it’s less, I won’t sell.” The little fatty was not easy to fool, and she doesn’t want to waste any more time.

The little fatty’s eyes fell on the welding joint of the tricycle. He saw at a glance that the car was spliced with various pieces of metal. The material was very poor, but the workmanship was very good, which could almost be called art.

“I’ll give you five hundred more stars, five thousand and five hundred. Let’s become friends.” The little fatty turned his head.

Wei San glanced at the little fatty. The child has been testing from the beginning.


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