SAPPS Chapter 5

“My name is Jin Ke. I’m also preparing to be a mecha engineer.” The little fat man said sincerely.


It seems that this young master thinks she is preparing to be a mecha engineer.

Youjin, preparatory mecha engineer……these novel words constantly haunt Wei San’s mind.


The little fatty jumped off of the tricycle flexibly, bowed his head and opened the light brain on his wrist: “Your account number, I’ll transfer it to you.”

Wei San lifted her sleeves and her wrists were clean without anything.

Jin Ke’s eyes suddenly became subtle. There were only two kinds of people without a light brain these days. One was those fugitives and the other was too poor to afford a light brain.

Their Star 3212 belonged to the most barren junk star in the federal interstellar. It doesn’t even have a name, but only has a number. Even so, there were few people who couldn’t afford a light brain on Star 3212. In this world, it’s hard to do without a light brain.

Wei San doesn’t look like a fugitive at her age. Looking at her age, she seemed like the child born from a fugitive.

“Where can I buy a light brain?” Wei San recalled the child’s memory in her mind. The old man had a light brain. Unfortunately, he had not taught the child. The child had no concept at all and buried the old man directly.

Jin Ke’s eyes turned. “I can bring you to buy it.”

Finally, the tricycle was taken away by a bodyguard. Jin Ke took Wei San to buy the light brain by suspension bus and explained all kinds of things to her all the way.

“The preparatory mecha engineer is the preparatory students of the mecha engineers division. If the perception measured at the age of 16 reaches the standard of the military academy, you can go to this major and enter the mecha engineer division after graduation.” Jin Ke gave a thumbs up, “Mecha engineer division is to design and repair mecha, and makes a lot of money!”

On the surface, Wei San was calm, but her heart has been turned over and over: she likes this kind of specialty which was closely related to her original world profession and makes a lot of money too!

She immediately decided in her heart that the way to go in the future was the mecha engineer division.

On the way, Wei San glanced at the child who was acting coquettishly with his mother and crying for this and that, and then looked at Jin Ke, who was still babbling, and understood.

It’s not that the children in this world are precocious, instead it was Jin Ke who had matured early.

The little fart looked simple, but his thoughts were deep. He doesn’t seem to be curious about her at all. However, he explained what he said to her every time.

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The suspension bus flew very fast. It arrived soon. They got off and Jin Ke led Wei San to the mall.

This shopping mall was completely different from those of the original world of Wei San. It was full of a sense of science and technology, with white counters and various virtual screens.

Wei San looked at the teller who smiled at a customer. He turned and suddenly pulled out a large shelf from the empty place behind him. It was filled with goods. People around him were not surprised.

She looked along the way and had an understanding in her heart: it was probably a technology similar to Space folding.

Jin Ke stopped at a counter: “We’ve arrived.”

Wei San looked up and asked the teller, “Which is the cheapest light brain?”

The teller heard and took out two models: “This is the new model, three thousand star coins, and the last old model, only two thousand and five hundred star coins.”

Wei San chose the old model for two thousand and five hundred star coins. Jin Ke paid the money and helped her bind her data and enter her personal information.

【Name: Wei San, Age: seven】

Jin Ke pointed to another item: “You can set the light brain ID and light brain sound here.”

Wei San thought about it and entered four words in the ID.


A soft electronic male voice sounded: “Successful authentication, user ID: Beg-ging Sec-retly.”

The clerk’s mouth twitched: “……”

On the side, Jin Ke was very on point, he immediately transferred the remaining three thousand star coins to Wei San.

After the two came out, Wei San asked Jin Ke, “How do you become a preparatory mecha engineer?”

“Enter the preparatory school first. By the age of 16, the school will uniformly test perception. At that time, you can study in the military school.” Jin Ke tilted his head and thought about it, “There is only one preparatory school on Star 3212, which is called the 3212 Institute . This time is just perfect for enrollment. You can go and have a look. Maybe we will be classmates in the future.”

Jin Ke bumped her arm and asked quietly, “Do your parents let you go to school?”

Wei San: “?”

“Don’t pretend. Those who have no light brain are only those who want to hide their identity. You shouldn’t be poor to the point that you can’t afford a light brain.” Jin Ke winked.

“I’m really too poor to buy a light brain.”

“Really? I don’t believe it.”

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