SAPPS Chapter 6

Jin Ke believes in his own vision. A person who is too poor to afford a light brain won’t be able to create any tricycle. They could only be a person who hides their identity. Maybe it’s some top master who has fled to the end of the world as a fugitive and hid in their 3212 Star. Wei San must be the child of the master!

He’s the one who finished watching《The man from the unknown planet》and 《The history of fugitive van Dylan’s rise to fame》The interior contents were just this type of plot line!

Wei San was about to ask another question when the bodyguard who left earlier rushed over: “Young master, we should go home.”

“I’m leaving. We should keep in contact when you have time.” Jin Ke could only wave goodbye.

When he left, Wei San didn’t leave immediately. She squatted in the corner to study the light brain. The function was similar to that of a phone. She understood it all in a moment.

The first one she researched was Youjin. It turns out that it was a special metal for mecha, which has strong ductility and resistance. It has been used in the military industry since its discovery, and then applied to mecha. It has only been open to the public in the last century. After reading the explanation, Wei San became very interested in Youjin.

However, Wei San started out near the dump in the morning. It’s already 3 p.m. and her tricycle has been sold. Now she has to walk back. It’s estimated that she won’t arrive until tomorrow.

Maybe there would be public transport to the garbage dump. She opened her brain to search the bus route and found that line 9 will pass through the garbage dump. There will be one trip at 5 a.m. and one trip at 5 p.m., ten star coins.

There was still time. Wei San searched the suspension bus to 3212 Institute . There were many routes to get there. She immediately took the bus to the Institute  and planned to go there to see the situation.


There were many people at the gate of 3212 Institute . All kinds of parents with children crowded in front of the notice board. Relying on her small size, Wei San drilled into the gap and came to the notice board. She discovered that today was the registration deadline.

Before she finished reading, Wei San was pushed out.

Wei San was worried about the delay and didn’t go in again. She looked around and found that there were two registration tables at the gate of the Institute . A teacher sat at each table and there was a long line in front of her.

She crossed the line and went to a registration office. Next to the teacher, there was a virtual sign: 【Class A’s tuition for a semester is 5000 stars.】

Wei San: “……”

Today was the deadline. She could not get the five thousand star coins at all.

But……Class A costs 5000 a semester, were the tuition fees of other classes different?

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Wei San turned to look at another place, and sure enough, she saw different words: 【Class B costs 1000 stars a semester, and after the final exam, they would give 5000 ~ 20000 star coins as appropriate.】

The tuition was so low that Class B should be a bad class, but if she performs well, she could earn her money back with a scholarship. Wei San immediately went to the end of the line and decided to apply for this class!

After waiting for an hour, it was finally Wei San’s turn.

The teacher at the registration office looked up left and right. He didn’t see an adult. His eyes fell on Wei San: “Registration?”

Wei San nodded.

The teacher pulled out an application form: “Fill out the information on it.”

After Wei San finished, the teacher asked again, “Are you sure you want to attend Class B?”

“I’m sure.” Wei San nodded firmly.

It doesn’t matter if she entered a bad class, as long as she could attend school.

Wei San has begun to imagine that she would get the highest scholarship after the final test and would no longer have to worry about tuition fees.

“School starts tomorrow. Get to school on time at six in the morning.” After the teacher collected the registration form of Wei San, he motioned for the next one.


When Wei San returned to the abandoned building and began to understand the world with her light brain, she found that there were three popular occupations: commander, mecha engineer and mecha fighter.

In the year 3701, a wave of Zergs broke out, which almost destroyed the whole Federation. Fifty years later, the mecha was born, and mankind finally got breathing room. It wasn’t until year 4001, when Yu Qingfei designed the first generation of flying mecha that a new era finally opened.

This year was called the Ares Era.

Ever since then, the Federation has started the road of resistance. Until now, the Federation has lived a peaceful life except for the occasional Zergs breaking out at the node of a century which was a little tricky.

When Wei San was fascinated by the historical background of the world, she forgot to check the information of 3212 Institute  and when she went to report the next day, she became silly.


The author has something to say: Wei · Begging Secretly · San: I just entered the city yet I already made money, the road to prosperity in the future is just around the corner!

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  1. Ahahah, the little kid is so funny! Mature my butt lol. I love that he can scheme at his tiny age, but his mind is full of too much trash TV.

    Thought there would be a time skip for sure. I’m glad we’re getting right into the academy story.

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  3. I see, thats why ML’s who came from the dumpster picked mecha fighter because it doesnt cost much. 🤣

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