SAPPS Chapter 11

“I’m leaving. Take care.” Jin Ke affectionately held Wei San’s hand. “I know there must be a reason for you to stay here. If we are destined then let’s meet again.”

Jin·King of Overactive Imagination·Ke: The expert family was anonymous on Star 3212. He couldn’t pierce through it.

Wei San: “? ? ?”

Wei San watched Jin Ke’s family leave in an aircraft, waving his hand without any clouds or even leaving a star coin.


Jinke’s departure did not affect Wei San’s poor life too much, only that there was one less person to speak to. She was not really a 14-year-old child. Jin Ke was precocious, so hanging with him, there was no generation gap with him.

“I watched the group battle in the morning.” The teacher stood in front and covered his chest. “I’m very sad! Every single one of you had no moves. You were beaten into the ground by the next class. You look so embarrassed that the headmaster had to talk to me.”

He started criticizing the students from the front.

“What are you doing? You can’t move when surrounded by two people?”

“What about the strength when beating the students of the same class? I think the people in the next class beat you very well.”

“I, Li Pi, have brought so many students, but you, this group are definitely the worst. You panic when you fight in a group. What can you do with a mecha in the future?”

“You can’t even beat the class next door. Don’t mention going to the military academy. I think it’s better for you to pick dung.”

The teacher criticized and then changed the subject: “but Wei San did well in the morning. Her methods are quite black. I like it.”

Wei San stood upright, her eyes fell on the back of the head of the students in front, her hands crossed behind her back, unmoved.

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Sure enough, in the next second Li Pi came over and stretched out a finger to poke at her shoulder: “You forced four people in the class next door to the medical room, causing them to lay in the treatment cabin for half an hour. Originally, I was very happy, but if you don’t improve your strength, no matter how good your brain is, it’s useless!”

Seven years had passed, their class had decreased from the original hundreds, into the current state where they have less than one hundred. Wei San’s grades were in the middle and upper reaches of the class. According to the teacher’s experience, she may float up and down in Grade B on the graduation test. She will graduate from 3212 Institute  in two years. When she tests her spiritual perception, she could report to the Military Academy at Level B and above. If her perception reaches Level A, she could enter the five top military academies.

They were now training every day to improve their perception. According to the teacher, the better their physical quality, the higher their general perception level.

Li Pi has always felt that Wei San had more than just this strength. However, Wei San had a first-class skill of maintaining her level. Her skills that weren’t too high nor too low were grasped perfectly, so he often targeted Wei San.

Looking at Wei San’s appearance of oil and salt not entering, Li Pi was annoyed and simply waved: “Roll back to the classroom for me and read.”


After school, Wei San rode her “BMW” back. In recent years, she has raised the speed again and again. Now it only takes half an hour from school to her residence.

The government has placed relief houses near the garbage dump for people who pick up garbage for a living. They only needed to pay a small amount of star coins every month. The original owner of the body, Wei San, has been living there with the mute old man, but it was occupied by someone later on.

Now even when Wei San has money to pay, she can’t live there. The government stipulated that everyone could only rent one house, but the relief house was too small. She often gets some cheap materials to practice with. She couldn’t put it down at all. It’s also not as comfortable as this abandoned building. Now she not only took care of her bedroom, but also had a special studio, although it was only separated by plastic film.

Those people nearby don’t come here. They seem to be afraid of something. Wei San hasn’t contacted them. She’s also not sure. Anyway, she’s happy. There are more snakes, rats, insects and ants here, but she’s already dealt with it all.

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