SAPPS Chapter 14

“I’m not from Star 3212.” Li Pi raised his eyelids. “You spent four hours in the treatment cabin, a total of 7000 stars.”

Wei San: “!”

Li Pi was satisfied to see that his student’s face changed like a broken palette and spoke softly, “I’ve paid the money for you. If you can get ranked first on the final test, you don’t have to pay it back. Otherwise……interest will be calculated starting today until you pay me back.”

“Teacher, that’s not very good. You’re so wise and powerful. You don’t need that little interest money at a glance.” Wei San’s heart was dripping blood. 7000 star coins plus interest for a year, she doesn’t even need to pass the year.

“When I think of the poor level of students, I just happen to lack that little interest money.” Li Pi reached out and stabbed Wei San. “Didn’t I give you a choice. You don’t even consider it at all? Good-For-Nothing!”

“It’s too hard to get first.” Wei San has always felt very weak. Every time she was halfway through the test, she had the problem of dizziness.

Li Pi stared at Wei San for a long time and suddenly said, “This time you’re lucky you didn’t die under the claws of the Zerg. What will happen in the future? Only if you have strength can you ensure that you won’t be hurt.”

Wei San suddenly remembered that the smelly insect beast forced her into a desperate situation. She remembered that the cold silver mecha raised his hand and beheaded the insect beast. That absolute power, no one does not yearn.

“I……try my best.”

“It’s you definitely will.” Lippi glanced at Wei San. “That building is almost finished, and is unable to house anyone. I happen to have a room available. You can live there before graduation.”

Finally, Wei San packed up some clothes and took her little electric donkey to live at Li Pi’s house.

She didn’t take back the materials in the studio. She learned everything she could learn. Especially after seeing the real mecha, she knew that there was no benefit in practicing again.

“This is your teacher’s wife.” Li Pi’s face was still like a tiger one second before, and he immediately exposed a silly smile when he saw the woman in the door the next second.

“Hello, Shiniang.” 1*Shiniang is teacher’s wife

The gentle woman quickly asked Wei San to come in: “I’ve cleaned up the room. If you don’t sleep well, remember to tell Shiniang.”

Li Pi has already ignored Wei San. Smelling the scent of the food in the house, he went straight to the table: “Why is today’s food so rich?”

“It’s Xiao Wei’s first day here, come and have a taste of Shiniang’s craft.” The woman helped Wei San put down her backpack, went to Li Pi and patted his hand, “Wait for Xiao Wei to eat together.” 2*Xiao Wei is an endearing term for Wei San, usually close family and friends will add a 小 (Xiao) to reflect familiarity

Li Pi: “……”How does he feel like he lifted a stone and hit his own foot?

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After putting the things away, Wei San sat at the dinner table and subconsciously swallowed her saliva. She was really too poor. She has been frugal in buying materials before. Since she came to this world, she has been drinking the cheapest nutrient solution and hasn’t eaten a grain of rice. She drank dozens of boxes of problematic nutrient solution picked up from the dump for less than half a year and didn’t waste a drop.

She almost forgot what the food tasted like.

“This meal costs hundreds of stars.” Wei San converted it into nutrient solution, it was enough for her to drink for a month.

Li Pi raised his hand and knocked it on the head of Wei San: “All you see is money? Eat quickly.”

Shiniang immediately stared at Li Pi: “Don’t knock the child’s head.”

Shiniang kept putting dishes in Wei San’s bowl: “Xiao Wei, you can eat openly. Your teacher can’t do anything else, but he can afford three meals a day.”

Wei San was not polite either. She ate it boldly. When she took the first bite of rice that had been away from her for a long time, she almost burst into tears.

Who would have thought that she would be reduced to this state as a top engineer.


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  2. Why does our MC’s story the same with some nivel’s ML. [— i dont remember the novel. The alpha ML came from the dumpster, just like our MC here. He became a mecha fighter and lived with his teacher? I think? Anyway, it was ABO. MC had a fiance who doesnt appreciate his omega-ness. That MC’s novel was a cheerleader 🤔 have money, came from mecha engineer family. He was deprived of the right to study mecha because he became an omega. Although he excell in his bride class like cooking and so on. He kept studying mecha’s secretly. I think in the parallel world. The ML was an Omega and MC is also Omega. They couldn’t be together since they are both omegas. The ML married the MC’s Fiance – Since the MC’s fiance took fancy on the omega ML because he can control mecha, while the omega MC only knows how to cook and wait at home. Bruh, the masculinity shit—] thats what I remembered. Anyways, Our FL here have the same live with that ML. Live in a dumpster, became a mecha fighter, got to live with the teacher.

    • I have read that story too. ML was an omega in his previous life and fell in love with MC but he couldn’t live long. So to not give MC any hopes, he married MC’s fiancee. In next life ML gets reborn as an alpha and MC sees the previous life of ML and assumes it to be the future. I forgot the novel’s name lol.

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