SAPPS Chapter 15

“After dinner, run ten times around the river with me later.” Halfway through the meal, Li Pi suddenly opened his mouth.

Wei San choked in her throat with a mouthful of rice: “ ? ”

“You need more training.”

“Let Xiao Wei eat first.” Shiniang placed the last piece of meat into the bowl of Wei San, “Do you want Shiniang to make another plate?”

Wei San swallowed her rice: “Shiniang, no need.”

Finally, Wei San consumed all the rest of the rice by herself. She didn’t even need the dishes. Li Pi sat next to her and she only saw the corners of his mouth twitch.

Over the years, he didn’t know anything about Wei San’s situation. After all, it was reasonable to say that those poor to her level, their words and deeds would always be affected a little, such as low self-esteem and timidity, but this girl has been very confident since she entered school. He couldn’t see it at all. In addition, they wore unified uniforms at school. Li Pi thought her family was in good condition.

“Have you eaten full?”

Wei San touched her stomach and said, “I’m full.”

After sitting in the house for a while, Wei San was taken out for a run.

From that day on, Li Pi began to come back from school every day to “open a small stove” for Wei San and increase training.

Wei San originally thought that she couldn’t, but she didn’t know if it was because she was fed by Shiniang every day, but her dizziness gradually improved.

As soon as her nutrition kept up, Wei San began to grow.

“Xiao Wei?” It’s rare for Shiniang to see that Wei San hasn’t got up yet. She couldn’t help standing outside and knocking at the door, “If you still don’t get up, you’ll be late.”

She didn’t hear a sound for half a day. Shiniang had to find a spare key. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Wei San curled up, holding one leg and sweating.

“What’s the matter?” Shiniang was anxiously spinning round and round.

Wei San didn’t expect the growth pain to be so severe. She almost couldn’t breathe just now. She gritted her teeth and took Shiniang’s hand: “Shiniang, I’m fine. It’s just growth pain.”

It hurt so much again. After about ten minutes, Wei San calmed down.

“I’ll chop some bones in the evening and make soup for you.” Shiniang wiped off the sweat on Wei San’s forehead with heartache. She and Li Pi had no children and had no experience in these things. She had never seen anyone grow with such pain. The sheets were soaked with sweat. “Is it often so painful?”

“No.” Wei San got up. “Shiniang, I have to go to school.”

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Wei San grew too fast. She had to change her clothes in less than a month. Li Pi looked very happy and felt that her physical quality was getting stronger.

“You did a good job in the last training session. Preserve this state to the end of the term and you definitely could pass the end of the term.” Li Pi patted Wei San on the shoulder. “If you can get an A-grade on the graduation test, you can attend the five big military academies. It’s another world there.”

“Your teacher’s dream was to attend the five military academies.” Shiniang smiled on the side.

Wei San looked up at Li Pi: “How high is the teacher’s spiritual perception?”

“Grade B.” Li Pi was a little proud and a little disappointed. “I first entered the military academy and was later selected to enter the 11th Military Region……but I was injured and didn’t go in.”

This was the first time that Wei San heard the teacher mention the military region. She subconsciously asked, “Injured?”

“I met a tide of small Zergs on the way. My hands were wasted in order to save people.” Li Pi breathed out and spoke proudly, “I entered the district to protect the people. I did it that day.”

Wei San was still sad for the teacher. In the next second, Li Pi slapped over: “You should practice seriously for me everyday and strive to enter the big five military academies, do you hear me!”

“I think I’m grade B material.” At the bottom of her heart, Wei San felt that she was not a good fighter.

Shiniang covered her mouth and smiled: “That day, when Xiao Wei beat the first place in the next class to the ground, it sure didn’t seem like it.”

The one in the class next door went to the big star to measure their perception last year and was said to have confirmed grade A perception.

Only grade A could beat grade A.


The author has something to say:

Wei San: Weak and helpless, young, but can hit:)

PS: It’s not that only 16 years old can measure perception, but 3212 is too poor, so there is only one chance to measure perception after graduation. The resources owned by students on the big stars and small stars are very different.

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    • Because… before she lives with her teacher her key nutrition didn’t keep up. So, her growth has been so-so. And now since she lives with her teacher, eating enough with better nutrition everyday her growth spurt suddenly hit up 😅

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