SAPPS Chapter 17

“What are you all doing?”

Wei San fought against her dizziness, gritted her teeth and ran all the way. As a result, a familiar voice came from an empty area.

It was a classmate.

“Your prey is very good. Lend it to me.”

“Roll away!”

Wei San rolled her eyes, turned her steps and walked quickly towards the open area. She threw the leopard on her shoulder on the ground: “How about lending you my prey?”

There were seven or eight people standing in the open area. The one surrounded in the middle was Wei San’s classmate, and the others were from the class next door. The leader sat under a tree in the distance with a dead lion at his feet.

These people took a step back when they saw Wei San brush over.

Wei San’s classmate got up from the ground, dragged his prey to Wei San, and pointed to the people in the class next door: “These people don’t have the ability to complete the task. They cooperate to rob our prey.”

He worked hard to complete the task. He was not only physically exhausted, but also injured. As a result, these people came to rob the prey. No one resisted, but the leader next door was watching and took action as soon as there was something wrong. There were not only one or two people robbed.

No one in the class next door dared to make a noise. Their eyes kept glancing at the man under the tree in the distance.

Finally, the man under the tree got up and walked over: “Wei San, I advise you to mind your own business.”

Wei San tutted, looked up and down at the other, and cordially greeted: “Wude, are you cured of your low back injury?”

He was the man next door who is said to have been beaten by her.

Tai Wude: “……” the whole body began to ache again.

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Wei San sighed: “Everyone is next door. Usually one looks up and the other looks down. In this way, you leave all your prey and I’ll let you go.”

Of course she spoke arrogantly naturally. Tai Wude was angry to the point of smiling: “Wei San, this is just based on you two to deal with this many of us?”

Wei San turned her wrist and raised her eyes: “Otherwise?”

Tai Wude was about to singal at his followers. Suddenly a fist was in front of him. He instinctively avoided it. Unfortunately, another fist immediately hit him on the head and stunned his head.

“Brother Qin!” The followers shouted in panic.

Wei San took the lead and beat Tai Wude to the ground without giving him reaction

time: “Brother Qin? Can I beat you into a Brother Pig?”

After being hit hard in succession, Tai Wude was almost unconscious. Before he was unconscious, he thought: Shit, this Wei San was simply not a person. What few strength, when she punched down, he became wasted.

“Brother Qin! ! !”

When the followers saw that Tai Wude fainted easily, they were so frightened that their faces turned white.

Wei San became more and more dizzy by the howling and crying of these people. She couldn’t help looking at them coldly.


The followers seemed to be pinched around their necks by invisible hands, and suddenly did not dare to make a sound. After a while, a more clever follower looked at Wei San and tried to change their words: “Pig, Brother Pig?”

This immediately reminded these bunch of people, and soon there was another cry in the open area: “Brother Pig——” 1*Pls tell me I’m not the only one think this plot is brainless hahahahaha

Wei San: “……”

“Which ones did you guys loot?” Wei San glanced at the people’s prey and asked.

The followers handed the prey to Wei San, raised Tai Wude and ran away. They didn’t even have time to take Tai Wude’s own prey away.

“You help me contact the following people who were robbed of their prey. I’ll go first.” Wei San picked up her prey and continued to rush back. She felt that she was going to faint.

Wei San ran fast and had good luck. She didn’t meet any other beasts on her way back and left the edge of the forest smoothly.

“Teacher, this is my prey, Number B510816429.” Wei San threw the prey in front of the teacher in charge of statistics, and then slipped away.

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