SOOEW Chapter 275 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXXXII

The palace attendants only listened to the Crown Prince say in a moment, “This is not to be discussed. It’s useless to say more.” The crown princess didn’t say a word. After a while, they heard the Crown Prince say again, “If you don’t want to take someone with you, I’ll personally keep you company. If something happens at that time, it depends on whether you compensate or your family compensates.”

This move threatened to make people’s eyelids jump. The small pot that usually filled water for the cockatiel was immediately dropped by Wen Ying. In a hurry, the cockatiel jumped up, made noise and changed into war mode.

“Hng, pay then pay. I’ll kill this bird first and then compensate you with another one!”

“If you kill it, you don’t have to pay.”

Darling, they both opened their mouths at the same time. Otherwise how could they say his highness the Crown Prince knew her better than the Princess herself. She didn’t even have to open her mouth, he actually said everything first.

There was a lot of noise nearby, but Yu Wenhong became more and more indifferent. “You see, your temper is always so urgent. How can I rest assured.”

The war ended in the defeat of the Crown Princess, but in the end, he always had to coax her with some gadgets. Often, at this time, even if Wen Ying wanted to pretend to be angry for another two days, she was unable to.

Over there, he asked someone to hold a pair of jade pendants that best matched her skin color, and she looked away. “Ugly.”

He waved again and presented a flowing rosy brocade.

She even turned her head away. “Ugly.”

“Come again.”

This one was very interesting. It is a wooden mechanism drinking bird. Its image was lifelike. The small cockatiel on the side immediately stared at it.

Her eyes flashed, but she angrily scolded: “……what kind of thing!”

“Oh.” He looked at him, and a smile flashed across his lips, “It’ll be it.”

Wen Ying was very angry.

Sometimes, just because she didn’t cheat him, she had to become angry again and go back and forth, which became a pleasure.

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People in the palace were not surprised. They thought it was a scene in the East Palace, but Yu Wenluo saw it and almost forgot the purpose of his trip until Yu Wenhong nodded at him.

He came to say goodbye to Wen Ying.

It’s reasonable for him to say goodbye to anyone except his imperial sister-in-law, unless she took care of him as a surrogate mother, but she didn’t. This was unreasonable, but Yu Wenhong generously left space for them.

In the bright Pavilion, Wen Ying had fun playing with her new “toys”. She placed a glass of water in front of the drinking bird, saw it peck its mouth and drink saliva, stood up after drinking, and soon went to drink again. There were only two steps in total. Of course, it was a child’s trick, but what was the principle in it made her curious.

From the beginning, she has been playing. It can be seen that she really likes it.

Yu Wenluo always behaved in a regular and steady way when he saw her on weekdays. Seeing her like a child playing, he smiled first: “You’re better like this.”

She blinked her eyes at him as if puzzled.

He glanced at her and said after a moment, “I’m going to leave. I am going to the army, it may be for several years.”

“En, he told me.” she thought about it and told him, “Swords has no eyes. You must be careful, but you can’t rely on the identity of the prince. It’s too expensive. It’s easy for him to make up his mind to give you a chance to experience. You must not miss it.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly remembered that Yu Wenluo started in the army in his last life. He should know a lot of things without her saying.

“It’s not that I don’t miss you.” He looked at her for a moment and said frankly, “I’ve been thinking that if you changed into those haggard and intriguing women who are calculative, I might forget you, but I didn’t expect that he would protect you so well.…..I don’t even think I can do it.”

She smiled, her eyes still shining like stars, showing a bit of cunning.

He also smiled.

There was always a tacit understanding between them. When they get along like this, it always reminds people of their time in the palace.

He said goodbye, but he didn’t speak most of the time. He just watched her play with her little toys and have fun, as if this was enough.

Finally, he stood up and said, “I’ve forgotten the white hair agreement and you should forget it too.”

She didn’t insist like last time, but answered with a word “alright” and watched him leave.

After Yu Wenluo left, Yu Wenhong seemed to rise suddenly and asked Wen Ying a question.

“What if I don’t become the Crown Prince?”

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