SAPPS Chapter 18

Because of the examination, some small vendors will set up stalls to sell things in the safe area not far from the forest. Wei San was so hungry that she could not stand it. Smelling all kinds of hot food, she swallowed her saliva and looked around to find a vendor selling cheap nutrient solution.

Breaking off the lid, Wei San drank the nutrient solution with the fragrance floating everywhere.

After a row of nutrient solution, her dizziness was slightly better.

Alas, when would she realize the freedom of nutrient solution.

Wei San now has no illusions about her dream of becoming rich. She may be so poor until she becomes a real part of the mecha engineering division.

Counting the time, it almost ended over there. Wei San reluctantly left the safe area and walked to the entrance of the edge of the forest .

Most of the students have come out, and the statistics teacher was also full of all kinds of prey. When Wei San passed, Li Pi had just come out with two seriously injured students. The medical staff waiting nearby immediately carried the students into the mobile medical vehicle for treatment.

“This is the end of the 16th final test of the 108th session. Congratulations to all the students who have passed the test. We’ll see you next semester. I hope everyone can get the results they want in the graduation test.” When the grade director finished his speech, he left with the teacher and the seriously injured students.

The other students breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the safe area.

As soon as the final exam was over, the pressure disappeared temporarily. When students see all kinds of delicious and fun things in the safe area, they would naturally be tempted.

“Wei San……thank you just now.” The classmate from before came to thank her.

“It’s just along the way.” Wei San sniffed the smell in the air and swallowed her saliva several times without a trace.

She couldn’t afford it, but it’s good to smell it.

After being knocked unconscious by Wei San in the forest, Tai Wude woke up after a long time. He almost missed the time because he went hunting again, so he almost failed the exam. Fortunately, he arrived at the last second.

“Take what you want to eat. It’s my treat.” Tai Wude said faintly to his attendants.

“Thank you, Pig, Brother Qin.” The attendants went to buy what they wanted to eat.

“Brother Qin, this roasted string of pork is delicious! You should try it.”

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Tai Wude took the skewer from his attendant and didn’t eat it. He was not interested in it. As an A-grade student, he would go to the five big military academies in the future. He was bound to behave differently from ordinary people.

But……when he thought that piece of shit Wei San might be A-grade and would go to the big five military academies, Tai Wude was flustered.

“Wude, what a coincidence.” When Wei San saw Tai Wude, she took the initiative to say hello.

Hearing the familiar voice, Tai Wude froze: “! ! !” Shit, he’s so scared!

Wei San turned to Tai Wude and said, “I see that you’ve been holding the skewers for a long time. Why don’t you eat it?”

Tai Wude wanted to show his garde A momentum and say it was none of her business, but he was beaten scared by Wei San in the forest and said, “It’s cold and not very delicious.”

Wei San shook her head: “It’s not good for you to waste it like this.”

Crazy ah! It’s none of your f*cking business! ! !

Tai Wude shouted in his heart and said, “Then, then I’ll eat it now.”

Wei San put out her hand to stop him, patted him on the shoulder and said sincerely, “Wude, don’t embarrass yourself. Everyone is classmates. Why don’t I solve the pain for you today.”

Tai Wude: ……fuck you, so she actually admired his skewers!

Tai Wude stuffed the skewer into Wei San’s hand and said, “I don’t think the food in that stall is very delicious. Wei San, have a try?”

“Really? Selling things that don’t taste good, this sure isn’t good.”

“Why don’t Classmate Wei San solve this problem for the majority of students.”

“Of course, sacrificing oneself for others is the principle I have always adhered to.”

Tai Wude: Fuck your Italian* fart!

*not sure why Italian lol

“Hehe, Classmate Wei San is sure different from us ordinary people.”

While talking, Wei San and Brother Qin walked to the next booth.


The author has something to say:

Wei San: As long as the fist is hard enough, the stomach can also become hard^_^

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