WFILTU Chapter 361 – No III

There was silence between them for a long time. When they were approaching the canteen, Xu Jing suddenly said, “I’m sorry, I’m a little grumpy today. Someone came in before. It was a visitor who came in to take photos, which made Professor Zheng angry, so I……”

As an undergraduate, she was still trembling in the team for fear that she had not done well.

The one she saw were also not from their school. Of course, the first thing was to drive them away. If Professor Tan saw it, it would be her dereliction of duty!

Whether Gu Xuejiao has strength or not, whether she was a nerd or not, Xu Jing doesn’t want to offend her as long as she was the favorite of Professor Tan.

Therefore, she apologized and explained very seriously.

Xue Jiao shook her head: “It’s all right. It’s also because I didn’t speak clearly.”

She gave Xu Jing a step down. In fact, Xu Jing didn’t give her a chance to speak at that time.

Xu Jing obviously realized that the whole process of eating was very awkward and didn’t talk much.

In the afternoon, Xu Jing brought Xue Jiao to 305 again. At this time, many people came back after dinner.

When they stepped in, people were whispering inside.

“The bag has been placed there. It seems that she is really valued by Professor Tan……”

“No, it’s unknown if she’s a bookworm?”

“The number one scholar of our current session, you see, what else can she do now except memorizing and studying every day?”

“It is said that this Gu Xuejiao looks very beautiful?”

“Don’t read those messy rumors all day. There are some others who say she’s an ugly goblin.”

“When will they come back?”


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“Keke.” Xu Jing coughed at the door.

Suddenly, there was no sound inside.

Xu Jing frowned and went in with Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao dressed very simple today, but whatever attractive people wear looks good.

Her clothes were simple but have temperament, and her jeans look thin and straight.

Her face was white and her eyes were big. Now she was smiling at them with curved eyebrows and eyes.

For a moment, it was very, very quiet inside.

Xu Jing became more serious and coughed again: “This is Gu Xuejiao. Later, she will be your younger sister.”

Her words broke the silence and it suddenly became lively.

“Welcome——” Someone took the lead in applauding.

Xue Jiao smiled shyly: “Thank you, senior brothers and sisters.”

“Junior sister, we have heard of you for a long time, hahahaha!”

“That’s right, junior sister, how did you get such a high score?”

“Junior sister is actually a little beauty, haha!”

“Is this a little beauty? This is a super beauty! The rumors of school flowers on the Internet are true!”

“Zhao Ping, what are your eyes? Junior sister is still young. Don’t look at others like this!”

“Aiyo, Zhao Ping’s face is red!”


“Pa——” Xu Jing patted a ruler on the table with a serious face.

“It’s started. We must send this data next door today!”

“Oh——” The others nodded hurriedly and dared not joke any more.

Xue Jiao noticed that several people turned their mouths invisibly, but they didn’t say anything and began to work.

Xu Jing didn’t arrange anything for her. Obviously, she thought she couldn’t do anything.

Other senior brothers and sisters also performed their respective duties. Although others would look at her from time to time, no one would talk to her anymore.

Xue Jiao was not in a hurry to get in. She doesn’t even know what to do. There’s no need to worry.

All afternoon, Xue Jiao followed ProfessorTan to get a card and stayed in the office after he came back.

Xu Jing sometimes asks her to help with something, but she still doesn’t assign anything to her.

Xue Jiao observed quietly.

Including Xu Jing, there were seven people who were drawing, doing geometry related things and calculus calculations.

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