SAPPS Chapter 19

The ranking of the final test was arranged in the order of those who came out. Although Wei San delayed a little time, she was still the first when she came out. Shiniang made a big meal to reward her after she knew.

“I’ve also worked so hard for so long.” Li Pi was jealous.

“How old are you.” Shiniang stared at Li Pi, and then smiled gently at Wei San, “Xiao Wei eat more, you are growing up.”

Wei San nodded: “Thank you, Shiniang.”

After dinner, Wei San transferred a sum of money to Li Pi, saying it was the cost of living.

Li Pi didn’t refuse: “You can’t slack off during the holiday. Next semester is the most critical time.”

“I know.”

During the two-month holiday, in addition to completing the homework assigned by Li Pi, Wei San spent the rest of her time on door-to-door maintenance. Li Pi knew she wanted to make money, so he didn’t stop her. Instead, he sometimes introduced her business. For example, if his colleagues wanted to repair something, he recommended Wei San to go there.

Whether other people could fix it, couldn’t fix it, Wei San could fix it. As she came and went, more and more people came to her. In only one month, she has earned more than 6000 star coins.

“Repaired it so quickly?” A family member of the teacher looked at his household appliances and asked.

“En, you take a look.*” Wei San took off her gloves. 1*formal form of you

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The other party tried all the functions again and spoke in surprise, “I feel better that it’s better than buying a new one.”

“I made a little adjustment.”

“If only you could fix mecha.” The teacher’s family mumbled to themselves.

Wei San’s heart moved: “I can repair mecha a little too.”

“Really? I have a friend. Her family’s mecha is broken and in urgent need. The store said that she could only send it to a Big Star for repair. Once it comes, it’s too late. The teachers who are able to repair it have gone to Big Star to communicate again. They are very worried these days.”

Wei San nodded, “I can try.”

The teacher’s family immediately contacted the friend to explain the matter. Obviously, the other party didn’t care who would repair it and said alright.

“This is her home address.”

Wei San glanced at it. She was no stranger. Jin Ke used to live there, the rich people area on Star 3212.

She took a ride to rush to the house. Wei San looked at the house number, stopped at the door of a house, and then rang the doorbell.

“Here we are.”

As soon as the door opened, the people inside and outside were stunned. Then the person inside slammed the door shut again.

Wei San: “……Wude, is it your family who wants to repair the mecha?”

Tai Wude was full of confidence in his home: “It’s none of your business!”

Wei San: “I came to fix the mecha.”

Tai Wude: “Fart!”

Wei San: “If you don’t open the door, then I’ll leave.”

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