SAPPS Chapter 22

After breakfast, Li Pi brought Wei San to school.

At the beginning of the new semester, the atmosphere on the first day was different from before.

“Haven’t you guys heard? We have a chance to touch mecha this academic year.”

“Mecha? ! Is that the one I am thinking of?”

“Of course, our institute has a mecha, which is specially used to practice for the graduating students. It will be used every week.”

Wei San listened to the discussion among the students. She didn’t know about it yet. Li Pi didn’t mention it to her.

Before the first class and after the schedule came out, everyone was excited.

There really was a mecha practice class!

After the morning passed, all of Class B exchanged news and knew which class was the first to take the mecha class. Their envy was almost overflowing. They also wanted to see the real mecha as soon as possible.

Wei San was also very excited because it was said that the school’s mecha was a combat mecha.

When she went back for lunch at noon, Wei San couldn’t help asking Li Pi about it.

Li Pi lifted his eyelids and looked at her for a while: “It’s really a combat mecha.”

Wei San didn’t say a word, waiting for him to say the next sentence.

In the next second, Li Pi said, “It was a Class B mecha many years ago. Now it has been basically eliminated.”

Wei San thought so in her heart. When she heard that each class had a mecha to practice, she felt it was a little wrong. When did the school become so rich?

Li Pi looked at Wei San positively: “If……you can enter the five big military academies, this mecha won’t help you much. There is a world difference between Class A and Class B. People are like this, mecha too.”

“It’s always good to become familiar with the mecha first.” Wei San smiled and said.

Li Pi nodded and then asked in return, “I heard you repaired the mecha for the Tai family?”


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“When did Xiao Wei learn to repair mecha?” Shiniang placed the dishes on the table and asked curiously.

Wei San was a little embarrassed and said, “Actually……I wanted to report to the preparatory mecha engineering division before. I was greedy for cheap tuition and registered for the wrong major.”

Li Pi: “……”No wonder she has been trailing for the past few years. All kinds of training was done quite perfunctory.

“It’s been hard for you.” Li Pi snorted coldly.


The class next door was the first class to take the mecha practice class. At recess, many people who had a good relationship with the class next door ran to ask what they felt.

Wei San’s class has always been at odds with the class next door. Although there was no one who went over, the class next door couldn’t help walking back and forth to show off, standing at the door and loudly discussing and describing the mecha with others.

“Shit, Tai Wude from next door is coming.”

“It must be to show off. I’m speechless, sooner or later we will come into contact with the mecha. What are they proud of?”

With a fistful of skewers in his left hand and a box of cut fruits in his right hand, Tai Wude swaggered in and looked around, which successfully aroused the anger of the class.

“Wei San!” Tai Wude jumped up in front of Wei San, placed the fruit on her table and handed her the skewer, “Do you want to eat it?”

“What’s up?” Wei San sniffed the smell. The skewer smelled better than before.

Tai Wude said a ‘Hi’ and flattered her, “Everyone is friends. How about you help me solve this sinful thing?”

“If you need something, just say it.” Wei San then took a bite of the skewers and shook her head. “This thing is too sinful.”

Tai Wude coughed: “It’s like this, in the future, we all have to learn mecha practice. I think we can exchange skills with each other and work together.”

He thought Wei San could even repair mecha, so her actual operation of the mecha should not be bad.

Wei San bit the kebab and looked up at him: “It should be fine to communicate with each other, but let’s forget about forcibly working together.”


The author has something to say: Wei San: Let me solve these sinful things!

*Same, let me solve these sinful things D;

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