SAPPS Chapter 23

When it was Wei San’s class’s turn to practice the mecha in their class, Wei San was also excited. This was her first contact with a real combat mecha. Although it was only an eliminated Class B mecha, she couldn’t help but be excited, especially since Wei San was a mecha fanatic in her heart.

“First of all, let’s get to know the several main parts of the mecha for later operation.” Li Pi pointed to the gray green mecha, introducing several parts of the external mecha, and then opened the light brain to project the internal cockpit of the mecha. “The cockpit is generally controlled by head connection and manual hand operation, which also means that spiritual perception and hand speed are the two important factors to evaluate a mecha fighter.”

Everyone listened to Li Pi’s explanation with a bated breath for fear of missing a word.

“……have you guys memorized it clearly?” After Li Pi’s introduction, it was unknown what he clicked on, but the cockpit suddenly opened. “It’s better for you to experience it yourself. Now, come up one by one according to your student number. Each person has 15 minutes of practice time, 108009, come up.”

Their student numbers were lined up according to the number of sessions+the first time they stood in line at the beginning of the year, and the number of times was added to the middle during the examination. Although the numbers of students transferred and dead students were not used, others still maintain their original student numbers.

Everyone looked at 108009 with envy, but they soon realized that the operation of mecha was not a simple thing. Fifteen minutes later, 108009 barely let the mecha take one foot. When they came down, they were sweating.

“Not bad. You can make it move the first time.” Li Pi praised.

They thought Li Pi was being comforting. As a result, the students went up one after another. Everyone who came down seemed like they were sprinting for more than ten kilometers, sweating all over. However, the mecha basically didn’t move much.

Dozens of students went to practice one by one. From early morning to evening, few people could make the mecha move, and these few people were basically the top few on each test. They were above grade B and may rush to Grade A.

“108429 come up.” Li Pi’s eyes fell on the last student.

Wei San stepped forward and quickly climbed into the cockpit.

At this time, all the students at the bottom cheered and opened their eyes to see how far Wei San could control the mecha.

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Although the results of Wei San were average in previous years, she performed well last year. Even Tai Wude from the class next door could be pressed and punched, so it was difficult for them not to have expectations.

“It was said that when Tai Wude practiced for the first time, the control mecha walked around the playground.”

“Walked around?! He’s this perverted?”

“After all, his perception is grade A, and there was a level advantage in manipulating grade B mecha.”

“Wei San should be better than Tai Wude.”

“That’s for sure.”


Wei San sat in the driver’s seat and put on her helmet. She could feel the current passing through the temples on both sides. She swept the control board in front of her. She remembered the function of each key just said by Li Pi. She tried to press it. The mecha occasionally opened its arms and turned into a knife stab or shell barrel.

These movements were not uncommon. The students in front had all tried them.

Wei San closed her eyes. She was decomposing the structure of the mecha in her brain. She couldn’t figure out some things.

If only this mecha could be dismantled.

Wei San regretfully opened her eyes and then tried to control the mecha to move forward.

“Ai, it moved, it moved.”

The sharp eyed student pointed to one foot of the mecha and said excitedly that Wei San was really powerful.

Seeing this, Li Pi immediately smiled, but the next second the smile froze on his face.


Wei San fell to the ground with the mecha.

There was silence in the venue, and everyone: “……”

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