WFILTU Chapter 368 – Father-in-law IV

“Lin Zhihua must like Jiao Jiao!”

“Ah? How are you sure?” Li Sitong still didn’t believe it.

It’s really Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao……

Two people who can’t be connected at all!

“Jiao Jiao is video calling with the person every night. She came back so late today, yet she was in a hurry, eating a few mouthfuls. It must be to video call with Lin Zhihua!” Cheng Shuo was extremely serious.


“Sitong, I don’t know what they’re talking about. While they’re still on the video call, I’m going to stop them!”

Li Sitong blinked: “Catch adultery and catch pairs?”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Li Sitong probably knew that her words were useless, so she scratched her head: “I don’t think it’s possible for Jiao Jiao and Lin Zhihua. It’s just that Jiao Jiao saved him. They just got in touch……”

“I believe in a man’s feelings.” Cheng Shuo was resolute.

“Let’s go up and have a look?” Li Sitong asked tentatively.

“Go!” Cheng Shuo went upstairs with Li Sitong in anger to “catch the adultery”.

The door of Xue Jiao’s room was closed.

Li Sitong opened his mouth and said silently, “The door is closed……”

Cheng Shuo reached out and tried, but it wasn’t locked.

“You open it.” Cheng Shuo was silent.

“En?” Li Sitong was stunned and immediately reacted.

After all, Cheng Shuo was a man. She opened it first to make sure that Xue Jiao was not changing clothes, and then they went in together.

She figured it out, used strength in her hand, and the door opened.

Lin Zhihua’s voice was clear inside——

“Jiao Jiao, your interpretation of the Euler equation has no problem. Although the idea is different from that in the book, it is more concise.”

Xue Jiao held a pen and looked serious.

Li Sitong: “……”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Xue Jiao felt the sight behind her, turned back and was slightly stunned.

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“Dad, mom?”

Cheng Shuo’s face also showed up. He and Li Sitong smiled awkwardly.

“What can I do for you?” Xue Jiao continued to ask curiously.

Cheng Shuo opened his mouth, finally just smiled and said, “Don’t…….study too late…….go to bed early……”


“Then we won’t disturb you. Bye.” Cheng Shuo closed the door and took Li Sitong away.

Inside the door, Xue Jiao looked back suspiciously, “What are my parents doing? This is……”

She was curious and confused.

In the video, Lin Zhihua has an unspeakable expression on his face.

What for?

It wouldn’t be a good thing!

Outside the door.

Li Sitong shriveled his mouth: “You see, Jiao Jiao and Lin Zhihua are innocent. Why do you doubt east and doubt west?”

“What do you mean I doubt east and I doubt west?” Cheng Shuo’s eyes widened.

Then, he couldn’t help sighing.

“Ai, Jiao Jiao’s EQ was really inherited from you. Innocence? Lin Zhihua, a man who is worth a sky high price every second, wastes time making up lessons for Jiao Jiao every night. Only you and Jiao Jiao’s EQ will believe it!”

“Ah?” Li Sitong said, “But didn’t Jiao Jiao save Lin Zhihua, and they are still good friends? What’s wrong with helping each other?”

Cheng Shuo covered his face. “If he hadn’t had a purpose for Jiao Jiao, if someone else were to save him, people like Lin Zhihua would have paid back the gratitude long ago! Friend? I don’t believe it.”

“What should we do?” Li Sitong subconsciously believed Cheng Shuo after getting along for a long time.

Cheng Shuo gritted his teeth: “I’ll ask Lin Zhihua to have a look! Look, Jiao Jiao doesn’t have that meaning yet. We must stop Lin Zhihua’s plot!”

Li Sitong looked blankly: “……oh.”

A moment later, she said, “But Jiao Jiao has graduated from high school. It’s time to attend college. She couldn’t fall in love early before. It doesn’t matter if she wants to fall in love now.”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

He gritted his teeth: “It can’t be Lin Zhihua anyway!”

Lin Zhihua was too powerful and scheming. If Xue Jiao was with him,

Cheng Shuo felt that it might be difficult for him to support her when she was unhappy or hurt.

Hence, Cheng Shuo made an appointment with Lin Zhihua.

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