SAPPS Chapter 24

After that, someone finally spoke, “Haha, this range of action sure is larger than everyone. It should mean something very powerful.”

Others: “……”There’s no need to blow rainbow farts.

Li Pi frowned and forced open the cockpit. He saw that Wei San had fallen inside and there was no movement.

“Wei San, Wei San!”


Wei San vaguely heard someone calling herself, and subconsciously replied.

“You come out first.” Li Pi’s face was ugly. Seeing Wei San like this, he couldn’t help but have a bad guess in his heart.

With so many students, it’s not that he has never seen anyone with low perception but strong physical quality, but Wei San……he doesn’t want this to happen.

Wei San climbed out in a daze, turned her head and looked at the fallen mecha, turned back and said to Li Pi, “Teacher, I’m sorry.”

“What’s the matter with you?” Li Pi asked.

Wei San touched the head she had just hit and felt her stomach: “I’m a little hungry.”

Today was the first practice class. From the morning to the evening, everyone watched the trial practice with interest. They even couldn’t bear to go to the toilet, let alone eat.

Li Pi: “……”

He took a deep breath and turned to look at the other students: “Everyone go eat, for those of you who want to come to see the operation of Wei San after eating can come.”

With that, Li Pi pulled Wei San out.

Bringing Wei San into a restaurant, Li Pi ordered a table full of dishes.

“Teacher, it’s convenient and cheaper to buy nutrient solution.” Wei San said reluctantly. Besides, the price of this table was enough for Shiniang to cook several meals.

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“You speak so much nonsense.” Li Pi’s heart beat back and forth. He looked at Wei San and spoke seriously, “Have a full meal and try again later.”


After a large table of dishes came up, Li Pi basically didn’t move. He just said, “You eat, if you can eat it all, then finish it.”

Wei San didn’t think too much. She ate heartily. After sweeping away the food on the table, she belched with satisfaction.

Li Pi and Wei San returned to the training ground. All the students had already arrived. They all wanted to see how Wei San would manipulate the mecha again.

After eating a full meal, Wei San didn’t feel dizzy and her eyes weren’t blurry anymore. She entered the mecha cockpit again and controlled the mecha to get up.


The students present all shouted in unison.

This was no longer the problem of controlling the movement of the mecha, but just now the mecha got up, first supported his arms on the ground as a fulcrum, then knelt down on the ground and slowly got up. What was needed to create this series of actions was balance.

This was talent, this was the difference between high and low perception.

Wei San was definitely grade A !

Li Pi looked at the moving mecha with a complicated complexion.

Ten minutes later, Wei San came out of it.

The students immediately gathered around her, congratulating her and asking for skills. Wei San answered several times and was stopped by Li Pi.

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