SAPPS Chapter 28

Was Wei San a pervert?

Tai Wude picked up the list and looked at the total price on the back. He couldn’t help letting out a yi sound. The total price was only 2 million star coins, but there was 10 grams of Youjin in it, which meant that so many parts only needed 1 million star coins.

Of course, more than two million star coins was a lot, especially on Star 3212, but if you could really transform out a combat mecha, the money was just a drizzle.

“Let’s stop here today first. You can buy all the materials on the list these two days.” Wei San pointed to a pile of parts. “Don’t randomly touch here.”



After returning, Wei San said her greetings to Li Pi and said that she might not come back at night for the next month.

Li Pi looked at her up and down: “Can you really transform the mecha?”

The school director doesn’t know yet, but he would definitely know that the person who transformed the mecha was Wei San early tomorrow morning.

“I disassembled the mecha from the school.” Wei San took a sip of the hot soup handed over by Shiniang. “It’s not bad. It was a little difficult to make the engine, but it should be able to be transformed in a month.”

“What the school teachers can’t do, you’re making it out to be as simple as eating.” Li Pi disliked her boasting, “Go to bed after drinking.”

Wei San was noncommittal. This matter was as simple as eating and drinking water to her. However, she really doesn’t understand a lot about mecha in this world. For example, when the engine was disassembled just now, for many structures, she doesn’t understand the principle. At that time, she could only follow the cat and draw the tiger.

Since then, Wei San had classes during the day and went to Tai Wude’s home to transform the mecha at night. Sometimes she stayed up from night till day. Even Tai Wude admired her perseverance.

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It was the School Director that suffered the most. After learning that the person who transformed the mecha was a student of Class B, he regretted it so much at that time. He suffered every day for fear that one day he might hear that the mecha couldn’t come back and was permanently damaged.

Fortunately, however, Wei San installed the school’s mecha first and sent it back completely.

The school immediately asked the teachers of Class A and B to check the machine to see if there was any damage.

The teacher of Class A was still confirming the mecha data. The teacher of Class B went up and tried it out. Everyone’s expression looked strange.


“Do you also think this way?”

“That’s right.”

The School Director trembled: “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

One of the teachers said, “The operation is better than before.”

School Director: “? ? ?”

Other Class B teachers nodded together: “It’s really more flexible.”

At this time, the teacher of Class A looked at the data screen collected in his hand: “Why has the aggressiveness become so strong?”

The school representative swallowed his saliva: “What do you mean?”

“Teacher Li, please go up and try the attack ability of the mecha again.” The teacher of Class A shouted.

Li Pi jumped into the mecha cabin, went in and tried again. He punched the steel plate erected in the training ground and suddenly it concave into a pit.

“This……” The teachers were surprised. The steel plate was very special. They had just purchased it a few years ago. The original mecha could not cause so much damage to the steel plate at all, leaving at most shallow traces.

Li Pi tried several times and then came out: “Except for flexibility, it’s not much different from before.”

The teacher of Class A discussed it for a long time and didn’t get the result. Finally, he called the two assistant teachers to ask what was going on.

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