SAPPS Chapter 31

Walking through the temporary passage, as soon as Wei San entered the door, she saw four teachers standing inside with serious faces. The other two people next to the machine were very familiar. They should be the teachers who came from the big star to monitor.

“Stand up here.”

Wei San was still looking at the machine that could measure perception. The teacher next to her was a little impatient.

Most teachers in the school knew Wei San. Standing outside the machine, a teacher comforted: “Wei San, you just need to stand up and don’t have to think too much.”

Wei San nodded, approached the machine, stood on the platform and looked at the black machine screen in front of her. In the middle, some were similar to the shape of a large thermometer, with scales, marked with various grades, surrounded by orange light spots.

After she stood up, a helmet shaped thing immediately fell from the top and covered the head of Wei San.

Without this thing and the opposite machine, her standing here seemed a bit like people in her original world doing chest X-rays, Wei San thought aimlessly.

She was relaxed. The two teachers of 3212 Institute next to her stared at the machine screen with white faces.

Those orange spots didn’t respond at all.

The monitoring teacher frowned: “You come down and stand up there again.”

Wei San got confused and stood up again. The screen was still indifferent. The school teacher next to her whispered: “Focus on those light spots!”

When the monitoring teacher heard this, he glanced at the teacher with warning.

Looking at the light spots on the screen in front of her, Wei San thought, was it necessary to control these light spots into the shape of the thermometer?

The light spots began to move towards the thermometer. She looked at the school teacher and found that the other party’s face looked a little better.

As Wei San continued to control the orange spots, the color in the thermometer rose more and more, all the way to the top and stopped at the A Scale.

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“All right, come down.” The monitoring teacher turned on the machine and asked the guard to go down.

Wei San: “Oh.” That’s it?

“Wei San, congratulations.” The two teachers in the school said with a smile on their faces.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Wei San had just come out and had not yet reached the team. A voice came from behind: “Grade A.”

In the distance, Tai Wude turned and waved wildly to Wei San, looking very happy.

Today was the day to test perception and graduate. They don’t have to come back to school in the future. As soon as the grade came out, they could fill in the forms on the web.

By the time the ten classes tested their perception, it was evening. Most people knew their level well, and a few people had difficulty accepting the fact. There was sadness, joy, crying and laughter on the whole playground. There were only six grade A students in 3212 Institute, but this was a semester that was considerably more than all the others. The school director was already very happy.

As soon as the team dispersed, Tai Wude ran over: “Wei San, Congratulations!”

“Congratulations.” Wei San also replied.

“Today is a happy day. I’ll treat you to a big meal!” Tai Wude showed off his balance in his light brain.

There was a free meal. Of course, Wei San won’t refuse, but she asked Tai Wude one more thing: “How do you feel both times when you test your perception?”

“Feeling?” Tai Wude thought seriously, “Imprisonment.”

“Could you feel imprisoned with your head covered?” Wei San thought that Tai Wude said some nonsense again.

“It’s not the physical sense that the head was imprisoned.” Tai Wude explained, “I went to the big star to test. People there said that we couldn’t control perception at our age. Perception would come out. The detector captured these scattered perceptions to test, so I felt an awkward sense of imprisonment at that time.”

Completely without these feelings, Wei San: “……”

“By the way, which military academy are you going to? I’m going to the Imperial Military Academy.” Tai Wude longingly said, “The Imperial Military Academy is the strongest of the big five military academies.”

Wei San hesitated and asked, “What are the big five major military academies?”

Tai Wude: “……”

In the final analysis, Wei San still retained the style of her original world researcher. She would try her best to collect data on things she wants to know, such as mecha. Unfortunately, the star network doesn’t have much data. She hasn’t seen the star network in the past two years. As for other things, she completely ignored them as long as they didn’t affect her life.

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  2. Lolol for everyone else is like the rest is forcing them to squeeze out their mind power. But with WS, she doesn’t feel it. She had to be prompted to actually focus xD that’s so funny. She just stopped at A cause she thought that was the highest there was.

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  3. I think MC should around A+ or S. Bruh, she just controlled her own and was thinking of stopping at grade A since everyone said she was A. I mean, look at her first result. It was 0 after thinking of moving the orange thingy she stopped when she was told to stop.

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