SAPPS Chapter 32

After Tai Wude determined that Wei San was not playing with him, he said, “The five military academies are the Imperial Military Academy of the Capital star, the Samuel Military Academy of the White Dwarf star, the Pingtong Academy of the Fan Han star, the South Percy Military Academy of the South Percy star and the Damocles Military Academy of the Sadu star.”

“Pingtong Academy?”

“That’s right, this military academy is quite special. There are many pure blood Easterners in it. It was said that these pure blood Easterners have practiced a special way of breathing since childhood, so their perception is different from others.” Tai Wude nagged about these things, which was called full of spirit. “There are so many girls in South Percy. It is said that every military academy doesn’t dare to provoke the students of South Percy military academy, because you don’t know who would become the wife, relatives and friends of the future big boss.”

Wei San was not interested in this gossip: “How about the strength of the South Percy military academy?”

Tai Wude thought carefully: “It can be called one of the big five military academies. Of course, the strength of students in it was not weak, but it could only be regarded as average in the ranking of the big five military academies. The strongest was the Imperial Military Academy, followed by the Pingtong Academy, and the others……have their own advantages.”

When the two entered the restaurant, Wei San ordered a pile impolitely.

“Why don’t you go to the Imperial Academy with me?” Tai Wude looked forward, after all he was just a teenager. When he left his hometown to go to a strange military academy, having companions always had some comfort in their hearts.

“We’ll see.” Wei San planned to learn about the big five military academies first before making a decision.

“Alright, eat first.”


As soon as she got back, Wei San saw Li Pi waiting in the living room.


Li Pi asked Wei San to sit over: “Now after graduation, it’s time to choose a school. Teacher won’t interfere. You should familiarize yourself with the big five military academies and see which one you like.”

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“I know.” Wei San nodded.

Li Pi started laughing: “Your Shiniang warmed up some soup. When you become hungry later, go to the kitchen yourself to get it.”

Wei San watched Li Pi enter the bedroom. She also went back to her room, logged into the star network and began to check the big five military academies.

The first one was the Imperial Military Academy. There were many photos of the Imperial Military Academy on the Star network. After seeing several photos in succession, Wei San directly passed the Imperial Military Academy out of her heart.

Because she has no money, the luxurious life of the Imperial Military Academy could be seen from the photos, and it was still on the capital star. No matter which world, the consumption in the capital would not be low. Wei San was too lazy to even open the official website.

Wei San was a little curious about Pingtong Academy with many pure blooded Easterners. The majority of people in the world should be mixed. Even an unknown star like 3212, walking on the road, there were many people with different hair colors and pupil colors, such as Tai Wude and Li Pi.

When she opened Pingtong Academy’s official website, Wei San scrolled down to the tuition fee: “? ? ?”

One hundred thousand coins a year? This was stealing money, and the Fan Han star was very far from Star 3212.

After several comparisons, Wei San chose the Damocles Military Academy. This school only required 50000 star coins a year and provided interest free loans. The most important thing was that Damocles Military Academy was on Sadu. Star 3212 was the closest to there, and the cost of starships returning to and from was the lowest.


On the day of registration, as soon as Wei San sent the form to Damocles Military Academy, Tai Wude’s communication called.

“Wei San, which one did you report to? Which military academy?”

“I’m going to Sadu.”

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