SAPPS Chapter 33

Tai Wude looked at Wei San through the light curtain and was stunned: “Sadu star……Damocles Military Academy? How did you choose this? This military academy is the worst.”

“Last time you said that the other military academies have their own advantages.” Wei San didn’t care. “The forms have already been sent.”

Tai Wude shook his head: “It’s said like that, Damocles Military Academy used to be powerful, but it has been weak for nearly a hundred years. There are no powerful people, and the environment is bad. Half of Sadu is a desert, which is unlivable for people.”


“I remember it was written on the precautions. There is a chance for the form to be withdrawn. It’s not too late for you to regret, Wei San.”

Wei San supported her cheek: “Not withdrawing. Damocles hasn’t had a great person in a hundred years. They’re probably waiting for me.”

Tai Wude: “……” it’s really rare for there to be a person as shameless as Wei San.

The two talked and gossiped. At the end, Wei San still didn’t plan to change her form. She submitted all her loan applications and couldn’t retreat.

Unless she got rich overnight and had the money to pay her tuition.

In fact, Wei San really got rich overnight.

After dinner, Li Pi asked Wei San to stay first, and then transferred a sum of money to her.

“Teacher does not have that much money, but he can afford the tuition in the first year. When you develop later, remember teacher and treat it as an investment in advance.” Li Pi said relaxedly.

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Wei San didn’t want it. She returned it back and said, “I can borrow money for the tuition. I don’t need so much money. Keep it, teacher. Go there to visit me in the future with Shiniang.”

After so many years of raising Wei San, it was impossible for him not to know her temperament, so he could only give in. “Then you should be more promising in the military academy. In the future, when Shiniang and I go to visit you, we will have face.”

“I know, I must be the most dazzling person in the military academy.” Wei San smiled.

“If you’re not the most irritating, I’ll thank the gods.”

No one knew that these two sentences would come true in the future.


Damocles Military Academy was very humane. The loan included not only the tuition fees, but also round-trip starship fees.

Wei San earned that little money during the holiday and was going to save it for living expenses at the military academy.

Star Port.

“Wei San, this way.” Tai Wude waved to her while dragging big and small bags.

“What time do you leave?” Wei San only had a small box and didn’t bring much. Except for a few clothes, it was all food made by Shiniang.

“It will fly in half an hour.” Tai Wude looked at Wei San. “I don’t know when we can meet in the future.”

Wei San glanced at him: “You say it like our feelings are very good.”

Tai Wude’s feelings were blocked firmly: “……”

At this time, the star radio was already broadcasting the starship to the capital star. After saying goodbye to Tai Wude, Wei San also turned over to the security check and waited for the starship to arrive.

When Wei San went up, she looked and touched everywhere like a complete good-for-nothing.

This was a starship that could cross planets! She didn’t have this technology in her old world. However, it could be seen that the star ship has been running for many years, and some places have turned yellow.

Sitting in her own position, she could still see the outer space and the ship occasionally jumped through the nebula near a big star. She pasted on the glass and couldn’t hide the amazement in her eyes.

It was not bad to come to this world. She had also become a person who traveled through space.

Although Sadu star was the closest to Star 3212, it would still take a whole day. It also required changing a starship in the middle of the way. Finally, it arrived at Sadu Star Port 2 late at night.


The author has something to say: 

Wei San: Flying, feels good!

Officially opening the road of conquering the stars and the sea!

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