WFILTU Chapter 384 – Ambiguities I

Cheng Shuo was quite dissatisfied with the shameless Lin Zhihua, but Xue Jiao was happy, so he didn’t say anything.

He only used his all to ignore this shameless man.

Xue Jiao looked at everything in front of her with tears in her eyes.

When she first came to this world, she was actually very unhappy, but she was happy to accept it because she had the opportunity to repeat the college entrance examination and make up for the regrets of her previous life.

Later, facing the trouble left by Gu Xuejiao, Li Sitong, who slapped herself twice, and her unfamiliar stepfather Cheng Shuo, the original male lead, Cheng Mingze……

The heart of Xue Jiao was very chaotic.

But in just two years, the family harmonized, and Xue Jiao actually became so happy that she came to this world and met these people in front of her.

Xue Jiao came forward and hugged them one by one——

“Thank you.”

Her voice was still choking. Cheng Mingze smiled and brushed her red nose.

“Celebrating your birthday, you actually cried. You’re still a girl who hasn’t grown up……”

“Where did I……” Xue Jiao flattened her mouth.

Her sight noticed that Lin Zhihua, who looked at her with a smile, also stepped forward.

The other party opened his arms.

Xue Jiao came forward and hugged him gently——

“Thank you too, really.”

God seemed to make up for her. All the missing and estranged things in her previous life have supplied her with a brain.

Of course, there were still many disappointments in life, but no one would have a perfect life, and no one could.

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Our life still continues. Those who make mistakes or make you sad should be placed aside. If you are more tolerant, you will be less uncomfortable.

That which you don’t like, should be avoided, but if it can’t be avoided, then you should let go of your hearts to face it head on.

Then, while young, be brave, spread your wings and soar.

Xue Jiao thanked her family and Lin Zhihua for giving her wings. She wanted to fly with two pairs of wings while she was still young and in full bloom.

After her 18th birthday, Xue Jiao became a little different from before.

It couldn’t be told where it’s different, but it’s just different.

“You……” Xu Jing opened her mouth and said a word, but there was no speech.

“En, Senior Sister, what’s the matter?” Xue Jiao took the book. She went back to 305 to get her things and went to 307 again soon.

“Have you been there all the time?” Xu Jing asked.

Xue Jiao shook her head. “It’s just for this project. For the next project, I may not be able to help.”

Xu Jing nodded and didn’t speak.

“Then I’ll leave first.” Xue Jiao said her greetings and left quickly.

Xu Jing looked at the empty 305 and was stunned.

She thought that Xue Jiao would be like her in the future. She even worried that Professor Tan would find Xue Jiao to replace her. After all, she was already a senior.

She didn’t know that the other party would be in the office for a few days, and then took root in the Graduate Office like Zheng Jiakun.

Xu Jing sighed. People and people were really different. She bowed her head and began to read her books.

After leaving 305, Xue Jiao went directly to the door of 307. It was still as lively inside.

“Junior sister, come in, quickly come in, help me calculate this part!”

“Coming!” Xue Jiao hurried over with her books.

She had just sat down when Zheng Jiakun looked up at her.

Xue Jiao wondered, “Senior brother, what’s the matter with me?”

“You are in a very good mood?” Zheng Jiakun asked.


Senior Brother Bai suddenly interrupted, “I also think the junior sister has become a little different after asking for two days off……”

Xue Jiao scratched her head in embarrassment and smiled, “Ah? Really?”

Senior Sister Niu leaned over and placed her arms around Xue Jiao’s neck. “Junior sister loves to laugh more. With the two days of break, did something good happen? Such as falling in love?”

“Absolutely not——” Senior Brother Bai suddenly shouted.

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