SAPPS Chapter 39

In the back, Wei San looked up at the two brown mecha and leopard print mecha. Spiders and Bobcats were all mecha designed by Master Ying Xiao. His representative works also include the Aries variant mecha, which were all medium-sized mecha.

There were three periods in the history of mecha, namely the leap era, the golden age and the Pangu era. Alternatively, it could be divided into light, medium and heavy mecha types.

The representative master of the leap era was Yu Qingfei, who was known as the first mecha division. He was good at light mecha. There were three representative works in total. So far, no one could innovate and surpass them. All light mecha were increased or decreased on the mecha data model data he gave.

There were two representative masters in the golden age and Pangu age. The mecha created and designed in these three ages constitute the scale of all mecha in the Federation.


The school gave the freshmen a unified class time for the week. After almost understanding the situation, the school opened the course selection system. In addition to the necessary unified courses, students could choose courses according to their own progress, and the time was free.

Wei San didn’t choose. After she finished the compulsory culture class, she went to the library every day, and then went to the mecha field to do things with her mecha, and even wanted to dismantle it.

It had to be said that there was a big difference between grade A and grade B, and the operating system is several times more complex.

Wei San climbed into the mecha cabin, sat in the driver’s seat, looked at the control panel in front and controlled the mecha to walk around.

Not to mention anything else, grade A was more comfortable while walking, just like lifting their own feet.

“Wei San, come down.” Xiang Minghua blocked Wei San with an expressionless face and reached out to pat her mecha.

“Teacher, you* need something?” Wei San immediately jumped out of the mecha cabin.

*formal form of you

Xiang Minghua looked at the student who looked pure and clean on the surface but played tricks behind his back. He became more and more angry: “Why don’t you attend class?”

“I attended them.” Wei San denied.

“Mecha confrontation, fighting, shooting……which one did you attend?” Xiang Minghua couldn’t figure it out. Also a person who came out of an unknown star, Nie Haoqi actively lined up to attend his courses every day. He spent all his time in the simulation room on Saturday and Sunday in order to catch up with the progress of other students as soon as possible. Except for group class and the afternoon stroll, Wei San was not seen all day.

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Wei San spoke sincerely, “Teacher, I have a weak acceptance ability. I want to take these classes slowly first and choose them later.”

Xiang Minghua: “……” It was unknown why, but every time Wei San spoke, he felt that she was mocking him.

“This is the course I chose for you. Follow this starting next week.” Xiang Minghua opened the light brain and passed a curriculum to Wei San. “They are all basic courses and it won’t be too difficult to learn.”

Wei San looked at the full course of the week and subconsciously refused: “Teacher, it seems that there are too many courses.”

“If a person from an unknown star wants to stay, they must bear hardships.” Xiang Minghua frowned. “Do you want to stay? If you want to stay, don’t hang around all day.”

Wei San sighed in her heart. She has to go out on Saturday and Sunday to see where she can make money. Now the scheduled courses from Monday to Friday were full, and she only has a little time to read in the evening.

“Wei San, good luck in the future.” Xiang Minghua left the last sentence and turned away.


Xiang Minghua solved his problem, looked depressed and walked back to his office.

Just as he sat down, a man came in at the door: “What, it’s hard to bring students?”

Xiang Minghua did not speak and turned over the recent training materials of the students on the table.

The other party didn’t care and leaned against the door: “If you admitted your mistake at that time, the Dean wouldn’t send you here to bring along new students.”

“It’s very good here, and the students are obedient.” Xiang Minghua silently crossed Wei San’s name in his heart.

The man at the door lifted his long hair and spoke casually, “There are Ying family’s children in this year’s freshmen.”

Xiang Minghua’s hand paused, and finally turned over the information as if nothing had happened: “You don’t have to attend class?”

The other party tutted: “The competition is almost over. You’d better think about the next one. We think maybe next year will be different.”



The author has something to say: All the leaders of the military academies were training hard, and only Wei San was still fooling around fishing in troubled waters. It’s time for her to feel the whipping of society (poverty) 🙂

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