SAPPS Chapter 40

Although the Star Net said that Sadu star was located in a remote and desolate environment, it was still very prosperous in the eyes of Wei San. The road was dozens of times more spacious than Star 3212. There were large and small aircraft and even various combat mecha in the air.

Wei San was dazzled. She couldn’t walk long after she left the school gate. She simply stood by the roadside and looked up for a long time. She wanted to take down every mecha that flew by.

A parent led her child along to play. The child looked at her for a long time, and then pulled on the parent’s hand: “Mom, this sister is stupid.”

The parent covered the child’s mouth and slipped away with the person in their arms.

Wei San took back her eyes and continued to walk down the street. She searched the school forum. There was a marketplace called Tuma Lane on Sadu star. Basically, everything was sold there, and it was estimated that there were many job opportunities.

As soon as she arrived at Tuma Lane, there were more people. As soon as Wei San walked in, she saw a variety of shops that transformed mecha weapons and changed mecha joints. She even saw a shop called “Mecha Beautification”. She came closer to see that it was actually a store for tattooing and coloring mechas.

After spinning around for half a day, Wei San remembered that she came to find a part-time job. She thought it was best to find a technical job, such as being a mecha apprentice. As a result, once she entered the store, she showed her intention and was almost beaten out by the store owner.

“Where did you come from? You still want to be my apprentice. Get away.”

The surrounding customers also stood by and joked: “Blue, skies and day, yet someone wants to dream.”

“The young people these days really want to take advantage of everything.”

Wei San: “……”

After being scolded for a long time, she realized that the owner of this shop belonged to a skilled person, and many mecha masters wanted to be his apprentices.

Wei San changed to another store and spoke a lot more rigorously, but the other party asked her to show her the student card of Damocles Military Academy.

“This is my student ID.” Wei San opened the ID bag in her head and let the shopkeeper see it clearly.

The shopkeeper looked at it carefully and his face darkened: “classmate, are you kidding me? What is a mecha fighting department running to my store. What do I do here? Get out quickly and don’t waste my time here.”

Wei San, who was driven out again: “.……”

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After that, she tried several stores. As soon as they saw her student card, they would immediately refuse.

The last shopkeeper looked at Wei San like looking at a fool: “It’s fine for a mecha fighter to do a task, but what are you doing here?”

Wei San: A mecha fighter also has a heart of a mecha engineering division, can’t they?

The shopkeeper pointed to the back of Tuma Lane: “You could go to the alley. There are often people who release tasks and recruit mecha fighters.”

Wei San could only give up technical jobs and look for another job. In fact, she still hasn’t found a suitable one.

Most of the tasks were being bodyguards and so on, as well as where to catch insects and animals. Without exception, it took more than a week, and Wei San could only go out of school on weekends.

Wei San: Why couldn’t she have a golden finger to make money?

“Classmate, I have observed you for a long time. Do you want to make money?” A thin middle-aged man asked Wei San.

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  1. scam!! Wonder what they’d say when she becomes a mecha fighter who repairs her own mecha ? XD haha
    Many thanks

    • They will show up to her “shop” where she is stealing their business by repairing for her classmates.

      Wei San cleaning up after hunting a beast: Yes, hello, who’s asking for me?

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