WFILTU Chapter 391 – Like III

Xue Jiao stood on the stage, calmly and confidently finished her words, and then walked out under fierce applause, completing her task.

As for their current class, they were considered officially entering the University.

This was different from the sense of existence of Xue Jiao just entering school, Xue Jiao’s “fame” as a representative of freshmen has reached the peak. Some people even said that she was the most powerful in this term.

But with the beginning of school, Xue Jiao disappeared instead.

Unless it was in class, otherwise, they couldn’t even see the person.

Tsinghua University was full of talents. Many elites began to rise. There were fierce rumors one after another. More students would start to focus on themselves, improve their strength and fall into their highly competitive studies.

“Jiao Jiao, what have you been doing recently?” Shu Lan wondered.

Xue Jiao seemed very busy recently. She spent most of her time at school after class. She didn’t even attend Professor Tan’s project much. She held her book everyday and was deeply engaged with the book she held, calculating from time to time.

To the point that she even stayed in the dormitory at noon and didn’t take a nap. She was reading all the time.

Xue Jiao turned two more pages, then looked up blankly, “Are you talking to me?”

Shulan: “……”

Ding Qi rolled her eyes. “Gu Xuejiao, what have you been doing recently? Some of them said that you were thrown out of the office by Professor Tan.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned and seemed confused.

Ding Qi continued to say, “it’s very important for your future resume to be able to stay in Professor Tan’s project team and help with the project. I don’t believe you were thrown out by Professor Tan. Even if you were to drag, you should also still lie in there!”

Although her tone was sour and unpopular, the content was actually good for Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao also knew her temper and just scratched her head. “I asked for a period of leave. I don’t have to go there every day.”

Mai Jiajia also looked up and suddenly said, “Gao Yuan of our department followed Professor Liu to work on his research. A few days ago, it was said that he helped the project team a great deal. Professor Liu praised him and carried him all the time. He also asserted that he was the most talented person in our mathematics department this time.”

Ding Qi stared: “Just that dwarf is talented?! It’s less than a month since the beginning of school. Based on what reason should he?!”

“Qiqi!” Shulan frowned slightly, “don’t talk about others’ height……”

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Ding Qi tilted her mouth, stopped talking, bowed her head and continued to do her homework.

Those who could attend Tsinghua, even if they have some personality problems, none of them were empty in their learning attitude.

Mai Jiajia turned over the black book and said, “Jiao Jiao, why do I always think you’re holding a big one?”

Already immersed in the book, Xue Jiao looked up blankly “What?”

Mai Jiajia: “……”

“Nothing. You can read……. Let’s go to eat outside at the East Gate in the evening?”

“OK.” Xue Jiao nodded.

This was an appointment made before. They would have dinner outside the East Gate in the evening. It’s not far away. It won’t take long.

So she bowed her head and continued to read.

Mai Jiajia and Shu Lan looked at each other. Mai Jiajia said helplessly, “She doesn’t read textbooks. It’s all miscellaneous math books. How could she be so absorbed in it?”

Shu Lan shook her head and smiled.


The four went to the Chinese restaurant outside the East Gate for dinner. Shu Lan handed the menu to Xue Jiao——

“See what you want.”

“I’ll drink two bowls of water and eat some green vegetables.” Ding Qi waved her hand first.

Xue Jiao was surprised to “You’re eating so little?”

Ding Qi was helpless and sour again. “I don’t have a constitution that won’t become fat. I have to lose weight. I don’t eat dinner at home.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She checked a fish and handed the menu to Shu Lan and Mai Jiajia. “You guys keep ordering.”

They ordered three more dishes and waited for them to be served.

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