SAPPS Chapter 44

However, in order to prevent the next round being a loss, Wei San first found the training ground and became familiar with controlling her mecha. After half a day, she began to enter the game again.

During the two-day holiday, Wei San ran back and forth between the training ground and the challenge arena on the underground floor of the underground factory. Since she had to start from L0 regardless of her strength, coupled with random matching, she could not win all the games and lost several games.

Although she only got her points deducted and did not lose money when she lost, Wei San felt it was a waste of time. In particular, she was greedy for the reward for winning a game in L3.

She opened her optical brain and the information on the black card popped up: [Star coin balance: 35000, points: 70]

Wei San decided to go back to school. She needed to learn mecha knowledge, and her training couldn’t be left behind.

Before leaving, she inadvertently looked at the real-time ranking in the hall, and the red letter was displayed in the first row: [Congratulations to West Landing on winning the 100th game, successfully promoting to the L1 level and obtaining the title of L0 hundred games king.]

They really won a hundred games in a row.

After glancing at it, Wei San didn’t take it seriously and turned away from the underground factory.


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At the beginning of the new week, Wei San deleted the timetable given by Xiang Minghua and prepared to pick her own classes. Although the teacher was kind, it was not suitable for her.

“Good morning.” Nie Haoqi walked into the classroom and said his greetings to Wei San. They were both unknown stars. Naturally, they would be more familiar than others.

Wei San’s eyes fell on his neck: “Have you picked your mecha yet?”

Nie Haoqi nodded: “I tried last week. Teacher Xiang thought I was more suitable for the heavy mecha.”

“It’s pretty good.” Wei San was still choosing her courses on the school site.

They came early. The teacher of this class hadn’t come yet. Nie Haoqi sat next to Wei San and happened to see her course selection page.

“How do you choose all your courses with mecha? The teacher said that if we want to practice well, we must first lay a good foundation first.”

“It’s too basic for me.” While talking, Wei San picked her mecha fighting and shooting courses.

Nie Haoqi originally wanted to think that Wei San was too arrogant, but on second thought, the other party had a flat expression and didn’t look like such a person, so he sent out an invitation: “When do you usually go to the training simulation room, do you want to go together?”

“Simulate what?” Wei San turned off the school network and turned around to ask him.

Nie Haoqi was stunned: “Didn’t the senior sister take us to visit the simulated mecha battle before?”

Wei San tried to recall that there seemed to be such a thing in her memory, but she was thinking about the books in the library at that time, so she didn’t pay much attention to it.

Looking at her at a loss, Nie Haoqi took the initiative to explain: “This training simulation room can completely simulate the mecha battle, and even the pain can be set to 100%, which can avoid the mecha damage and prevent wasting resources. This can be set up in various environments for battle, so this training simulation room is very popular in military academies.”

Wei San’s eyes brightened. This thing is good. It’s very economical just listening to it.

“I’ll go later.” Wei San immediately decided, “I’m free tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

Nie Haoqi listened to her natural and unrestrained words and remembered the schedule she had just called empty. He couldn’t help reminding her: “You have to get corresponding credits every semester. If you don’t get them, you will be dropped out.”

“I know. It’s not urgent. I’ll brush the points slowly later.”

When the teacher came in, Nie Haoqi straightened his back and didn’t speak again.

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