WFILTU Chapter 401 – Strong II

The others didn’t dare to speak, just sat quietly and looked blankly at Professor Tan.

Professor Tan didn’t let them go, so even if they sat bored and at a loss, they could only sit.

Before long, Xue Jiao came in.

Her dormitory was not far from this building. When she received the call, she quickly took her things and came by with Mai Jiajia’s electric bike.

Xue Jiao’s hair was simply tied into a ponytail, and was a little messed up by the wind. She was also wearing something very ordinary and wrapped with a down jacket.

But she came briskly with a thick stack of paper in her hand.

“Come here and let me have a look!!” Professor Tan’s voice was excited.

Xue Jiao hurriedly handed over the top thick book, and the rest was put on the table.

“Look, teacher. The process is all in here. The others are some things I use for checking.”

After Xue Jiao finished, Professor Tan quickly took the book and began to read it directly.

For a knowledgeable person like Professor Tan, some things can be seen at a glance.

Was it valuable?

Was the direction right?

After he has seen it, he will have a general feeling.

He hurriedly turned over Xue Jiao’s book, looking through it several times, and then suddenly looked up at Xue Jiao——

“Is this what you worked so hard for so long? You didn’t do the project for this?”

Xue Jiao nodded, then scratched her head with embarrassment: “That.……I feel like I’m going to have a result soon, so I didn’t go anywhere.……”

She said this very embarrassingly. Not only did she not come here, but even today, she skipped two classes unconsciously……

Thinking of this, Xue Jiao’s face turned red.

She really didn’t notice the time. She slept in the dormitory last night and began to calculate when she got up in the morning.

Her roommates asked her to have breakfast. She didn’t go. Later, they sent her one and left.

When she left, Mai Jiajia reminded me that there was a class today, and Xue Jiao answered. As soon as she wrote.……they came back at noon……

Xue Jiao thought that Professor Tan was blaming her. Her face was full of regret and she even opened her mouth to apologize——

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But Professor Tan looked at her face for a long time and suddenly spit out a sentence: “Gu Xuejiao! Good job! ! !”

Doesn’t she just not do the project?

It doesn’t matter. The other person has Fermat.

Wasn’t it just the loss of contact?

It doesn’t matter. The other person has Fermat.

What is more important than proving Fermat’s theorem?

Professor Tan stood up excitedly. “You’re really great. I didn’t know you would remember it. The teacher is really pleased. Would you like to lend me this book? I’ll take it back and have a look and read it.”

Xue Jiao hurriedly said, “Teacher, you’re welcome to!”

The expression on Professor Tan’s face was very gratified: “After I read it carefully, I’ll check whether there is a problem. If there is no problem, student Gu Xuejiao, you can write a paper this winter vacation! Good job!”

Xue Jiao scratched her head with some embarrassment, but bowed and said, “Thank you, teacher.”

“I’m really happy, Gu Xuejiao.” Professor Tan took the book and looked at the other students sitting below. His voice was still excited. “Let’s congratulate Gu Xuejiao for proving Fermat’s theorem with new ideas!”


At that moment, the people sitting below thought they had heard wrong.

They only saw that after Xue Jiao came, Professor Tan was very excited and then praised.

Lao Bai also bowed his head and said to Zheng Jiakun——the junior sister must have made a little something.


Fermat’s theorem?

Was this a fucking little thing! ! !

What a terrible thing it was! !

At this moment, they felt that the appearance of Xue Jiao in their eyes suddenly became taller.

Xu Jing was stunned and felt her face was hot as if she had been beaten.

She thought that the person would give up if they didn’t come. As a result, they went to practice in isolation!

Zheng Jiakun stood up already and looked excited: “Teacher, teacher, let me see!”

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