SAPPS Chapter 52

Wei San breathed a sigh of relief. When she received the mecha, her heart was dripping blood. The mecha was seriously damaged and was bound to have to be repaired after the game.

Without strength, even the mecha couldn’t be protected well. If she can’t protect the mecha well, she would have to spend money to repair it. Once she spends money, her dream would be a little further away from her.

Wei San reflected on herself and thought that she must improve her strength.

She couldn’t continue the games today. After eating a lot of things and filling her stomach, Wei San went to the free catering area and found the mecha area on the ground floor, where she could transform and repair her mecha.

Wei San found a repair shop, released her mecha and asked how much it would cost to repair it.

The shopkeeper lifted his eyelids and glanced at it: “100,000 star coins.”

“100,000?” Wei San thought it was too expensive.

“First time repairing?” The shopkeeper got up and looked at her mecha. “For the first time, there is an underground factory discount, 50% off.”

That’s also very expensive. Wei San was reluctant.

“I only repair this place.” Wei San pointed to the mecha drive, “How about five thousand star coins?”

The shopkeeper rolled his eyes and said, “Five thousand? What about the fee for tools?”

Wei San thought and said, “Can I rent the tools for five thousand in your store?”

When the shopkeeper heard this, he looked up and down at Wei San: “Are you stupid? If you don’t have money to repair the mecha, then go join a group and don’t waste my time here.”

Wei San insisted, “Can I rent the tools for five thousand?”

Shopkeeper: “.……what tools do you want?”

Finally, Wei San chose several different kinds, borrowed the owner’s maintenance room, dismantled several key parts of the mecha for repair, and spent five thousand star coins to buy second-hand accessories and replace them on her own mecha.

The shopkeeper looked on the side. First he saw a good show, and then he displayed unspeakable eyes: “You really can repair mecha.”

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“Life is not easy.”

That’s shopkeeper sighed, “That’s true.”

The two people made complaints about such a wack life. After the meeting, the shopkeeper took the initiative: “during the L1 grade, people basically start to change their mecha. You need to add a weapon even if it’s the worst, otherwise you will be beaten.”

“I want to, but I’m poor and can’t afford weapons.” Wei San just came in and observed. An ordinary dagger costs seventy eighty thousand star coins.

It was unknown if it was because the two people just made complaints together. The shopkeeper thought, “I dismantled a broken whip two days ago. If you can fix it, I will give it to you cheaply, five thousand star coins.”

Wei San said on the spot that she wanted it. The shopkeeper took the whip that was broken into two sections: “See if you can repair it. It may not be very flexible.”

The whip was made of special materials. If it was broken and then reconnected, it would certainly not be easier to use than before, so it was usually directly returned to the furnace for reconstruction.

Wei San found a piece of metal, wrapped it around the fracture and welded it.

After the whip was connected, the shopkeeper looked at her sympathetically: “It should be barely usable.” But whether it will break in the middle of attacking is metaphysics.

After thanking the shopkeeper, Wei San went to the challenge arena area. Today she doesn’t want to PK, so she could see other L1 competitions.

At night, the challenge arena area was still in full swing. There were competing mecha in each challenge arena, and the audience was also full to the bottom. Among them, several challenge arenas have the largest audience.

Wei San went to the most lively challenge arena. The people in the arena haven’t come out yet. The audience below was very excited. She looked up at the name of the contestant: [West Landing VS 2jk]

West Landing?

The man who won 100 games in a row at L0.

At this time, the two players on the stage were ready to start the competition.

Wei San was going to have a good look at the other’s game. As a result, his opponent had been kicked out of the challenge arena by West Landing.

Even a second was not necessary.

Wei San: “.…..” Is this the legendary master?

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